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Top 5 Tips To Design and Decorate Your Dream Nursery

Expecting a little-one soon, there’s an untold excitement behind the joy of decorating a nursery. Channelizing this happiness into an amazing design project is a wonderful way to express your feelings that too – with creativity!


Today, a wide array of interior design options are available in the market. Whether a simple clean lined space, traditional designs, artistic wall murals, enchanting themes or contemporary electic motif, designing your baby’s nursery should be fun and satisfying. In any case, with such a large number of ideas and unlimited choices of designer nursery furniture knowing where to begin can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry! We’ll guide you with these exclusive tips to ease your designing process and decorate your dream nursery:

  1. Beginning With A Theme : Decide the room theme and the color scheme that is inspired by your dream nursery to simplify the later decisions. Some parents design specifically for the boys and some look for a more feminine touch to the room. While gender of the baby is not known, it is safe to go gender neutral while designing your baby’s nursery. Remember, this will be a place where you’ll be spending most of the hours knowing your baby, so make it a perfect place for both of you. Set up your own style instead of going for out of the box design structures. Do not try to match every little thing in the room, just try to add your personal touch that creates a soothing ambiance.
  1. Design With Safety Concerns : Everybody has a tendency to float towards stylishly satisfying pieces, yet that can’t override the significance of whether the pieces in your nursery are safe or not. Every small thing in your baby’s nursery should be planned keeping in mind your child’s safety. Make sure that the furniture you design absolutely meets or exceeds the safety measures. Select a firm crib mattress for infants that can help reduce the risk of SIDs. Never place pillows, blankets or soft toys in the crib as these may provoke suffocation. Baby-Direct offers nursery furniture that meet with highest testing standards and exceeding industry requirements, while giving you the choice of beautiful pieces.
  1. Create Designer Inspiration Boards : Although there are many tools to design and create the inspiration boards, Pinterest is one of the favorite one. Just look around at other people’s ideas and create your own to drive a better idea of the look you would like your nursery to have. There are textiles, furniture, paint, accessories and many more fun-filled designs to fulfill your dream.
  1. Future-Plan Furniture : You must have heard, the infants grow up fast. Yes, it’s true! You’ll be surprised in a very short time, that your infant has outgrown the crib and can even climb up. Better keep in mind the second point stated above, you can flip the crib mattress and use in toddler bed that’ll provide both comfort and softness. There are a variety of cribs available that can be transformed from crib to toddler bed and then to platform bed and grow beautifully as your child grows. Table Dressers are even the better investment as they can be further used for holding diapers to school clothes and so on.
  1. Allow Dual Space : Accommodate a comfy chair with an easily accessible book shelf in the nursery that’ll not just support early learning but also provide the benefit of family time focused on each other. A soothing routine before sleep time can help with a good night sleep, which is very important for you and your baby.

Apply these tips while designing a nursery and the most important of all, enjoy every moment. Don’t make it a stressful work and plan the weekends to decorate the nursery with full excitement. Your life is going to be transformed in every possible way, once your baby arrives. So, while you have time and energy, start planning your own dream nursery.

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