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Space saving Stylish Bunk Beds For Your Home

Space saving Stylish Bunk Beds For Your Home will really use your space effectively. If you have kids at home, but cannot afford to have separate rooms for them, bunk beds are the perfect solution to save space and at the same time, make the kids’ room look fun and colourful. There are plenty of such ideas you can choose from.

The nature of bunk beds allows two or more people to sleep in the same room while maximizing available floor space. This results is using smaller space while giving enough area for two or more people to sleep on it. Bunk beds are not just used by adults but also by kids. This is usually used by homeowners who have two or more kids but have small bedroom space. Kids are oftentimes excited to have a bed like this especially that they have to climb up in order to get to the upper area.

Here are a few of them. All you need is to make your mind imagine some more.

1. Boyish Style Bedroom

Boyish Style Bedroom

If there are young boys at home, this is the design you should go for. Done up in shades of blue, this design looks neat and simple. The bunk bed has two storeys in itself. Additionally, there is a sliding drawer bed at the bottom- to accommodate the little guests you might have.

2. Two Separate Single Beds

Two Separate Single Beds

This room has a little more space. There are two separate single beds with one bed having a sliding drawer that can be used when you have more kids to accommodate. There are two small cabinets to store clothes and books. The play items can also be kept there. There are colourful posters on the walls.

3. Blue Boy Designed Bedroom

Blue Boy Designed Bedroom

This room again is for young boys as the main theme is blue over her. The bunk beds have a small ladder. The bedding is comfortable and is in bright shades of blue and green. There is a small storage space created at the bottom of the beds to make it more convenient.

4. Little Girls Designed Bedroom

Little Girls Designed Bedroom

If there are little girls at home, you must opt for this colour scheme. Done up in pastel shades of pink and green, this bunk bed is in a set of two and instead of a ladder, has a small staircase. One side of the staircase has been designed as a book shelf. Also, there is a drawer bed to accommodate additional people.

5. Wood Finished Cupboard

Wood Finished Cupboard

This bedroom is a similar in design, but with a different colour theme. This is done in blue and an additional feature of this room is the addition of a wood finish cupboard. This will have enough space for clothes and bed sheets.

6. Whitish Bedroom Colour

Whitish Bedroom Colour

This bunk bed is almost an all-in-one item. Apart from the bed, it has space for small show pieces, books, photo frames, clocks and a small lamp shade – if your kid is fond of reading on the bed.

7. Coloured Stripes

Coloured Stripes

Though the walls are in gray, this room has a lot of colour elements added in the form of pink and blue coloured stripes on the wall. The bed spread and pillows are also in line with the theme. The other side of the bunk bed has several racks and thus creates lot of storage space.

8. Drawer Bed Decor

Drawer Bed Decor

The additional feature of this bunk bed is the drawer bed at the bottom of the bunk.

9. Extra Sitting Space

Extra Sitting Space

The only addition in this room is the extra sitting space in form of a chair along with the bean bag.

10. Solid Black Colour

Solid Black Colour

This bunk bed is in solid black colour with colourful slots at the back. Along with the comfortable beds, there are small racks to store small items.

11. Black Double Dick

Black Double Dick

Here in this design, the same bunk bed is displayed along with the show pieces arranged in the shelves.

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