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Simple Baby Nursery Arrangement Ideas for a Nursery Room

The baby is coming! But wait, is everything prepared for the baby to feel his new nursing womb? What about the hassle of making him feel warm and well-fed to appease him at night for you to make yourself also comfortable and soundly asleep? So, consider a few tips to make you and your baby end each day right by choosing carefully what your nursery room would look like. Remember designs are ways of beautifying the baby nursery room but how the essential baby furniture pieces are put together will define the way to overcome the challenging days and nights of nursing your baby. With the right furniture arrangement for your baby nursery , you can manage to pull through.

1. Pinpoint what are furniture you want to put a baby nursery room


This traditional baby nursery design features a white crib and a changing table on the side with a sheepskin rug on the centre of the floor. There is enough space for a mother to move around the nursery room.

white baby nursery
• Initially thinking of creating a theme for a nursery room can be a great start to design the room because it will make it easier for you to look and shop for furniture pieces that would perfectly complement each other. But deciding what furniture pieces that must be present in the nursery room is one good start that will facilitate room arrangement. Both rooms that capitalize on theme creates a pleasant look but contain the very essential pieces of furniture such as the baby crib, changing diaper table, and your own reclining couch.

2. Position the crib against the wall.


This baby nursery arrangement uses a black wooden crib positioned against the wall with ship sailing picture on the wall above it. To brighten up the room they have used a white colour for the sofa,rug and furniture, blue curtains and the sofa cushion against a white colour.

baby boy nursery
• It gives you a sure protected feeling for your baby as the crib is placed against the wall. It gives you a better view of the baby as every furniture piece is placed around the room. A big wider space at the center of the room also allows easy mobility. It gives a welcoming experience as his siblings takes a quiet look of the baby.

3. Create that L-spot in your baby nursery room.


Creating an L-shaped baby nursery arrangement could be a good idea for baby’s room as it can make easy to change the baby nappies when the crib and bed are close together.

• That L-spot is strategic positioning of the baby’s crib and the changing diaper table. Its important purpose is for you to readily respond to your baby’s hygienic needs. It also saves you time from switching your baby back and forth, from the crib to the changing diaper and then vice-versa. It is good to consider buying a multi-storage cabinet where all the baby’s diapers and other toiletries can be stored. Choose a wider cabinet where you can give the baby adequate space as you turn him left and right.

4. Set special effects that give a lullaby mood away from the crib.


This baby room has baby elephants pictures on the wall and décor on the floor . This can be educational for the baby as they start identifying objects right at baby age.

See that lightly lit lamp and chandelier on the ceiling. The effect of the light and pink color that goes with chandelier provides a drowsy mood as the baby is being rocked to sleep by a sweet melodious music.

5. Position the crib that will allow natural light to keep the baby warm.

green and white baby nursery design

This green and white baby nursery design arrangement looks fantastic. It has 2 crib and a baby room living area and coffee table for a young child and allows plenty of  natural light to come through.

light-blue-baby-nursery design

• With the crib placed near the bright shine of the natural light, this gives a baby to experience a morning shine that provides warmth and positive energy, making the baby bubbly and kicking early morning. Giving him a massage under the natural light is a lot warmer and stimulating.

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