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Girly Bedroom Theme- 10 Individual Styles

If you are looking for girly bedroom theme inspiration, you’re probably full of the standard pink and purple color theme. The problem with this type of décor is that the initial thrill will soon wear off. Your little girl’s tastes and interests will change. She’ll quickly outgrow the pink faze and you’ll be left with some expensive and serious redecorating to do.

The first thing you have to do is stop following trends. You know your baby well enough to know her passions. Take that knowledge and transpose it into a theme. Her bedroom should be inviting and nurturing, and at the same time, instigate her creativity. We browsed the web and found 10 girly bedroom themes, each with its individual style. Let’s check them out.

1. Girly Bedroom Theme- Classic Pink Madness

Kids bedroom

Little girls are taught that pink means femininity. Barbies have pink houses and shoes, the standard cooking set has pink tools, even toy animals are pink. If your little one is caught in this color madness, decorate with caution. Paint your walls in a soft, pastel pink and spruce it up with accents.

2. Subtle Accents In A Girly Bedroom Theme

Pink and white bedroom with grey wall

Neutrals are timeless. They provide great creative flexibility. Also, they will prove to be budget friendly over the years. Therefore, keep you dominant colors neutral and switch between color accents and wall stickers.

3. Beach Inspired Girly Bedroom Theme

Colorful bedroom

The best design tip is to concentrate on your child’s interest. If your little one is passionate about surfing, make a decor theme out of it. It will motivate her and show you are supportive of her choice.

4. Girly Bedroom Theme-Pastel Colors 

The bed match with the walls

Pastel colors are easy to work with. To keep the eye interested, play with layers of texture and patterns. You could also establish a stronger focal point by adding contrast.

5. Work With The Room’s Configuration 

Pink and green bedroom

Here’s a fun girly bedroom theme! This bedroom/play zone is stolen directly from a girl’s dream. By taking advantage of bedroom’s height, valuable floor space has been freed.

6. Manipulating Perception 

Purple and green bedroom

This room opposes the principles used by the previous bedroom. It doesn’t use vertical space. The separation of wall patterns has the purpose of making the room feel shorter. The white horizontal line is at the eye level of a child. This gives her the impression of owning the room.

7. Design Mistakes To Avoid 

Bedroom with a purple chest drawer

Usually, the bed in the focal point in a bedroom. In this room, there are multiple elements that fight over the eye’s attention. To create a harmonious environment, everything should work together.

8. Consider Natural Light As A Design Element 

Bedroom with natural light

If the bedroom doesn’t receive enough natural light, don’t go crazy with color. The wrong color can make the room feel smaller and crowded. It can become unpleasant.

9. An Empty Wall In A Girly Bedroom Theme 

Twin girls bedroom

An empty wall can inspire monotony. Decorate a wall with mirrors or photographs. If you’re children like to draw, use their art to create an interesting bedroom theme.

10. Avoid Clutter 

Bedroom with storage

You need strong organizing skills in order to keep every crayon and doll in place. Buy some boxes and wrapping paper for a stylish change.

Unleash your creativity and create the perfect girly bedroom theme for your little one. How did your childhood bedroom looked like? Looking back, is there anything you’d change about it?

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