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10 Girl Kids bathroom accessories

Kids bathroom accessories

Product design is a really tough task. Technology and art are combined to create a usable and appealing product that will sell itself. So shape, size, color and design are major factors that not only affect the appearance and function of a product, but also express a personality assumed embraced by the targeted consumers.

When the targeted consumers are kids, product design, although remains systematic, is so much fun! Kids tend to like anything that triggers their senses, whether color, sound, touch or even scent. But although it involves all these, a cleansing experience remains a struggle for most kids, and for all parents! Product designers lend a helping hand by creating kids bathroom accessories that will encourage the little buddies to bathe, brush and wash while having some fun. Bear in mind that kids’ interests undergo rapid change with age, so what triggers their senses changes accordingly. In this post, we will be talking about little girls’ bathroom accessories:  lotion dispensers, toothbrush holders, tumbler, soap dishes, tissue boxes, jars, bathing sponges, waste bins, and toilet brush holders. These Kids bathroom accessories are available in sets that will help you decorate your bathroom coordinately.

The following 10 pictures are samples of little girl kids bathroom accessories.

1. Sea-world Bathroom Accessories Set

Sea-world Bathroom Accessories Set

This bathroom set is inspired by the sea world and consists of five items (from left to right, back to front): a toothbrush holder, two cups, a lotion dispenser, and a bathing sponge. The following three photos show close up views of the items of this set.

2. Sea-world Set: Cartoon Starfish and Octopus

Starfish and Octopus

The toothbrush holder resembles a starfish; it bears four toothbrush capacity and a cute pink smiling face. The octopus plastic cup also has a wide smile. Both items have two textures: a smooth face and a granular side or bottom. (senses targeted: sight and touch)

3. Sea-world Set: Fish Bathing Sponge

 Fish Bathing Sponge

This fish-shaped bathing sponge has several vibrant colors which invite girls to bathe.

4. Sea-world Set: Lotion Dispenser

Sea-world Set: Lotion Dispenser

This beautiful lotion dispenser has an appealing spherical silhouette which bears embossed sea creatures and plants.

5. Yellow Duckling Bathroom Accessories Set

Yellow Duckling Bathroom

Another cute set that demonstrates that kids’ bathroom accessories design is limitless! The yellow duckling theme is a kids’ all-time favorite. This set includes five items(from right to left, back to front): two white cups each bearing an embossed yellow duckling holding a polka dotted blue umbrella, a creative toothbrush holder that is a 3-dimensional yellow duckling holding a blue umbrella, a bigger 3-dimensional yellow duckling lotion dispenser, and a blue lake soap dish.

6. Girly Set

 super girly bathroom

This super girly bathroom set targets girls of ages 6-10 years. This elegant 3-piece set with pink and purple palette stickers includes: a toothbrush holder, a tissue box and a lotion dispenser.

7. Animals-of-the-Wild Themed Bathroom Accessories Set 

Themed Bathroom

Embossed and 3D cartooned animals of the wildlife give the bathroom a cute theme and add to the cleansing experience a fun touch! This set includes a blue rhino lotion dispenser, a fat zebra toilet brush holder, a crocodile soap dish, and a palm island toothbrush holder. The other items with embossed animals and palm trees include: a waste bin, a cup, a jar and a tissue box.

8. Feminine Accessories Set

Feminine Accessories Set

Pink pastel, white polka dots and white stripes: can a theme  be more eligible to be called girly? This set of 8 items is so delicate and feminine looking, not only due to the colors and patterns, but also to the curvy silhouettes.

9. Butterfly-Themed Bathroom Accessories Set


Another girly set; this time with embossed colorful lilies and butterflies.

10. Minimalist Bathroom Accessories Set

 Minimalist Bathroom

This minimalist bathroom accessories set will definitely appeal to 4 to 6 year olds who will be learning alphabets and some useful words. Each item in this set has a unique color and a white circle in which the item name is written.


When of age, it is a good idea to allow your little daughters to choose their bathroom accessories and perhaps add a colorful decorative touch to their bathrooms.



Interior Architect. "Beauty is a promise of happiness" - Alain De Botton. Plants, animals and inanimate objects affect the life of a human being in all aspects, which is the reason why architecture and design are the extension of human nature ”just as the beehive is an extension of the bee’s nature, and the bird’s nest is an extension of the bird’s nature.” (Marcantonio, International Arts Forum 2013) Surround yourself with what makes you happy, that is the ultimate beauty.

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