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Fashionably stylish bunk beds

Fashionably stylish bunk beds or Murphy beds are answered prayers to the problem of having a small space with lots of kids. An ordinary bed would not only be a bit expensive if you are buying by the bulk, it would also be near to impossible to arrange them in small spaces. Shared bedrooms can be neater and more compact looking when bunk beds are used than having two individual beds. Bunk beds used to be designed simply but small space living has improved their design. Different colors and even shapes have been added to make it comfortable and attractive as well. Here are some suggestions that can give you a fashionably stylish bunk bed.

1.  Stylish Bright Orange Colored Bunk Bed

Stylish Bright Orange Colored Bunk Bed

The bright orange color that was used on this bunk bed made it look stylish and cool. Kids love bright colors and this will be no exception. This is also a wonderful addition to any bedroom.

 2. Dark Wood Bunk Bed

Dark Wood Bunk Bed

The dark wood bunk bed is beautifully designed and looks big and comfortable. Using white bed linen will make it stand out and make the bedroom fabulous.

 3. Drawer Wood Bunk Bed

Drawer Wood Bunk Bed

This wood bunk bed does not only look good, it even gives you ample space for storage. The wide steps leading to the upper bunk is a great idea and the drawers built on the steps even more.

4. Hardwood Bunk Bed

Hardwood Bunk Bed

This is a hardwood bunk bed that could be tough and resilient despite its lovely design. The thick wood frame looks sturdy and the dark brown color of the wood would fit in to any interior of the room.

5.  White and Beige Colored Bunk Bed

White and Beige Colored Bunk Bed

This bunk bed used two toned colors, white and beige and looks wonderful. The upper bunk with elevated sides to stop occupant from falling down the bed is a great design.

6. Dark Wood Bunk Bed with Drawers

Dark Wood Bunk Bed with Drawers

This dark wood bunk bed not only looks fantastic, it is sturdy. It also has built in drawers below the bed that would be a great spot for storage.

 7. Modern Designed Bunk Bed

Modern Designed Bunk Bed

A modern designed bunk bed that used two toned colors with a glossy finish. The white and peach colors blended very well and the large drawer below the bed is great storage space.

8.  Playground Inspired Bunk Bed

Playground Inspired Bunk Bed

This bunk bed looks like one of those contraptions used in the playground. The design would be perfect for kids and the extended sides of the upper bunk would be a safe place for sleeping kids.

9. Playful Design Bunk Bed

Playful Design Bunk Bed

This playful design of a bunk bed will be ideal for kids. The bunk bed looks like a playhouse and kids would love having that in their bedroom. The extended sides of the upper bunk makes it safe for sleeping kids.

10. Metal Bunk Bed

Metal Bunk Bed

This metal bunk bed will work better with teens. The simple design will fit right in to small areas wonderfully. The side rails placed on the upper bunk will stop the occupant from falling off the bed. The white color will fit in with any color interior of the room.

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