Kids Room Designs

Creating a good looking girls bedroom using different beddings and Furniture

There are different girls bedroom designs that inspires especially any girl who wishes to have a good looking bedroom.  As you can see below,there are different good looking girls bedroom with different beddings and furniture.This gives any one an opportunity to choose any bedroom design of her choice that you like.Each bedroom design has different color scheme that makes the room look outstanding and colourful,beddings and bed covers that gives each bed a brilliant touch,room arrangement and furniture.Not only that,each bedroom design is arranged according to what kind of a person using that room for example there are,girls bedroom with white flora print and pink bed cover,white and blue twin girls bedroom,simple and nicely decorated girls bedroom with blue curtains,adult girls bedroom with nice cream white and orange wooden furniture and a simple and nicely decorated sky blue,cream white,lime green and white teenage girls bedroom.

Girls Bedroom with white Flora Print and Pink Bed Cover


This girl’s bedroom makes use of neutral furniture which goes along with anyway you decorate your child’s room. There is lots of storage spaces like that chest of drawers,bedside table and the stand up book shelve on the left side of the room.  The bed is positioned in the middle with windows on both sides of the bed to bring in natural light during day time and lighting for when it is dark. It also matters what type of bedding you use to cover the girl’s bed with. For example simple white Flora Print  beddings with a pink Bed Cover across the bed were used for this bedroom and white pillows cases. They used pictures on top on the chest of drawers and on the wall to enhance the look of that room.

White And Blue Twin Girl’s Bedroom

Twin Girl's bedroom design

Twin Girl’s bedroom

There is a lot to say about the way this girl’s bedroom is decorated. for starters I would say this bedroom suits a family with two girls on the two beds this twin room has. White, light green and sky blue seems to be the colour scheme that dominates this bedroom.  To make this room smart, both two beds use the same matching white and stripy blue bed cover beddings.  The stylish dressing mirrors, bedside tables with bed lamps on and dressing stools at the end of each bed gives a classy girl’s bedroom atmosphere in that room.

 Simple And Nicely Decorated Girl’s Bedroom with Blue Curtains

girls-bedroom-with-pink-cover (3)

This bedroom design uses white and blue colour scheme to make it stand out. It is simple looking and nicely decorated, the bed is in white, blue, pink,red and white pillows. The bed cover makes this white and blue strips bed cover gives this bed a brilliant touch.  To give this girl’s bedroom a cozy feeling, they added a white rug on the floor where the bed is positioned, long blue curtains on the windows with a sofa bed on the side covered with a blue fabric cover.  The bedroom has plenty of light coming through the windows and uses electric lighting on the ceiling. They also used educational decoration in the room for the girl’s room for example that black board with some writing on it.

Adult Girls Bedroom With Nice Cream White And Orange Wooden Furniture



This bedroom is an adult girls bedroom.It has nice cream white  and orange wooden furniture with neutral colour which make it look nice and colorful.Not only that, in the bedroom furniture is all wooden which makes it easy to change design and decorations of the room.The bedroom with shine green like colour. The bed is in cream White and the bedding are shine beddings.The bed cover is cream white with black butterflies on it,green  like carpet and pillow.There is the study and computer desk with the chair good for a school child.The orange shelving attached to the wall with some books and discs on it and the decoration of butterflies on them.   

  A Simple and nicely decorated Sky Blue,Cream White, Lime Green And White Teenage Girls Bedroom


This bedroom design uses sky blue,cream white,lime green and white color scheme to make the room look out standing.It has white sealing board with contemporary bulbs around a cream white lamp shade on the center of the sealing board,sky blue wall,a window, white and blue short stylish curtain.It has shine wooden floor,a small nice carpet on the center of the room,a white  wooden bed positioned on the right corner side of the room ,the beddings is in white with lime green cover across the bed,white and lime green pillows.there is also a cream white and white book studding desk  with a small lamp shed stand on the desk which provide light when it is dark,a chair which is good for a school child.There is a mirror with a white flame to the left side of the wall.


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