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Cool Desks for Cool Kids are useful nowadays, when it comes to studying. It is decorated to practice the art of learning by using your perfectly decorated desk for your comfortable studying without any hassle. A desk is an essential factor for your child’s intellectual performance. That’s why it is important to have desks that will cater to your child’s studying habits. A desk should be cozy and comfortable for your child to retain whatever they are studying for. It is also a plus if you make your child choose the desk he or she likes. With this, you can choose what desk are suitable for your children’s learning. Here are ideas for cool desks for your kids to choose from.
1. Blue Wooden Kids Table And Chair

Blue Wooden Kids Table And Chair
For smaller kids, you can have simple chair and desk combination. It’s because they don’t really need much stuff like books and notebooks. Also this kind of desks helps them concentrate more on the task they are given at hand. For this kind of desk, the storage drawer can be found under the seat.
2. Desk for Painting and Writing

Desk for Painting and Writing
It is also good to attach storage spaces on the sides of the table. This way you are sure that there’s a proper place to store away pencils and paper or books. It also helps kids to be more organized with their studying materials. The simplicity of this idea also makes it very practical.
3. Purple Desk with Storage Under the Table

Purple Desk with Storage Under the Table
Another very simple desk idea is for a desk to have a storage space directly under the desk top. The space could cater to storing books, notebooks, and papers. You can also provide your kids with pencil cases so they can also store their pencils under the desk top.
4. Cool Seat Attached to Table

Cool Seat Attached to Table
You can also have the seat be attached to the table permanently. You can add a space for books on the part where the seat and the table are joined. This is a very space saving idea as you have a way to turn a usually neglected part into a very useful part.

5. Amazing Desk Design having Space Under the Seat

Amazing Desk Design having Space Under the Seat
Another amazing desk design is having the space under the seat turned into storage spaces. You can lift or slide the seat cover over and then store away stuff. You can also have other shelving spaces in the front side of the desk.

6. House Shaped Desk Design

House Shaped Desk Design
If you are looking for a design for a desk that will be shared by 2 to 4 kids, this house shaped desk fits the bill very well. This way you have two tables parallel each other on the roof part of the house shaped desk. The chimney part can serve as storage for crayons and pens.

7. Two Different Sides Desk Design

Two Different Sides Desk Design
Having your children of different ages study together in their designated study area can be easy if you have desks that can be used by them both at the same time. A desk that can cater two different sized children is very practical and nice-looking. You can have one side of the whole desk for your small child and the other side which is elevated for your older child. This way you can also have your older child help the younger one in studying.

8. Folding Desk Design

Folding Desk Design
Desks that can also be stored or kept away if not used are very awesome. You can just put the table and chair together and they form this block, which you can keep in the corner if your child is not around the house.

9. Simple Desk for Older Children

Simple Desk for Older Children
For older children, they need more spaces for all their studying materials, so it is cool to have a storage space on top of the table. You can have different sized shelves for books and pens. It is also very easy for them to find what they need for this kind of desk.

10. Kids Desk With Wooden Chair

Kids Desk With Wooden Chair
You can also have desks that have covers on the table area. So if they step away from the table, they are sure they won’t lose their studying materials. This gives a more organized look to a child’s desk.
Whatever desk you and your child will agree upon, just make sure you are able to help them cultivate their learning abilities through their desks. Also, make sure the chosen desk design will be a big help to the development of your children, not just mentally but also in the attitude aspect.

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