Kids Room Designs

Contemporary Kid’s Bedroom Design Ideas

Kid’s Bedroom Designs

There are a lot of factors that needs to be looked into when decorating the kid’s bedrooms as it a challenge sometimes.  More especially when decorating a grown up kid’s bedroom there are so many ideas out there but you maybe surprised that none of the idea maybe to their liking. We have put together a collection of vibrant kid’s bedrooms from Colombini Casa, that you may compare and come up with which room design may inspire you and your kid more. The kid’s bedrooms below can be used for a girl’s bedroom, teenage boy’s bedroom and have different colour schemes  with features that explains what the child may like most in their room.

Boy’s Bedroom Design

Kids room design

Using bunk beds with deep drawers maybe good when decorating a kid’s bedroom. It can create more space for kid to play with around the room and storage space for keeping things away leaving the room tidy and clean. This room uses electric lime green against a blue painted wall and purple accents to give this boy’s room a stylish look.

Purple green girls bedroom Design

Purple green girls bedroom

Well designed bedroom for kid’s who love home work. This kid’s bedroom has perfect combination of colours that brings it to life. They used Bright purple, zingy greenand plenty of white which brights up the room.  The inspirational bookcase of the other side of the room makes it easy for filing books and that homework after studying.

Aqua blue white bedroom


Stylish Aqua and white colour schemes for kid’s bedroom design with brown divan bed with headboard.  The colours and design of this kid’s bedroom would suit either boy or girl . To make the room stand out out more they used a corrugated feature wall to hang pictures frame and blue breezy aqua shelving and bookcase.  The  stand up lamp and yellow  accessories on the shelves and bookcase don’t go without being noticed.

Travel theme kids bedroom


When I look at this room something tells me it has a holiday feel.  A travel theme for kid’s bedroom would look nice as it would remind them of a nice holiday they have had or a place they would like to go to during their vacation.  This bedroom uses minimal but enough furniture and nice colours that compliments everything in it.

Orange white and blue bedroom

Orange white and blue Kid's bedroom

Either boy or girl can have a bedroom with colour schemes used in this picture.  The sunny orange colour give this room a fun and warm atmosphere for a growing up Teenager. The desk on the right side could be used as a study desk. To create this teenager friendly bedroom they used simple nice wooden furniture and wall features like photos frames and few other accessories.

Girls cabin bed


This kid’s room design makes use of the multi purpose bunk bed with study desk underneath it. It has a built in storage space for books and other things. The colours used to bring kid’s bedroom to life are dark lilac, orange colour schemes with lots of white wall background and furniture. It can suit a boy or girl’s bedroom use.

Teenagers bedroom design


A contemporary kid’s bedroom design with bookshelf above the bed. This bedroom seems to have everything a teenager may want for a functional bedroom. The guitar nearby the window suggests that this room is for the teenager who loves music and also likes studying and home work. It has enough storage space to put things out of sight.

Gray accents give this space a cool look for an older boy, and the grass green bed adds a sporty feel to the otherwise blue colored room.

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