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Colorful Vintage Themed Bedrooms for Kids

Bedrooms for Kids

A childhood bedroom should be colorful and vibrant. Instilling a positive outlook in your kids can start with the color and theme of their childhood bedrooms.  A colorful vintage themed bedroom would be a good theme for a kid’s bedroom.  As vintage theme has been considered warm and positive because of the fresh feel it gives off.  A Kids room should be a fun and welcome bedroom which offers a relaxed atmosphere for your child. Use decorations that are child friendly while ensuring that your child’s safety is not compromised.

Here are some designs and ideas for a vintage themed kids bedroom and what essential values you can impart to your child through them.

  1. Flora Wallpaper Theme Bedroom

Flora Wallpaper Theme

It is important to have nice and fun wallpapers to decorate the wall with. Wallpapers help create a vintage look to the atmosphere of the room. Use wallpaper patterns that were popular in the old times, like flowers and stripes. Make sure they are in fresh and lively color.

  1.  Wall arts and murals

Kids room with blue sky and white clouds painted on wall

You can do away with wallpapers through having wall arts and murals instead. Wall arts would be perfect for kids as you can make them help choose the design they want, forming their decision making skills. The wall arts can be based on their hobbies, sports, music, or some other things they like.

  1. Pastel colored simple walls

 warm pastel color as your wall theme

Or you can also decide to have pastel colored simple walls instead. This can also be nice especially if you are going for those color themed vintage look. It would be nice to select a warm pastel color as your wall theme, make sure that they go along well with the other colors you choose to match with it.

  1.  Bedframes safe for your children

Pottery Barn Kids

As for the beds, make sure that the materials used for the bedframes are safe for your children. The design should also be child friendly and safe. Wooden frames are still the best choice for a kid’s bedframe. They are easy to acquire and easily made plus depending on the design, they don’t have spaces in them that a child’s arm or feet can squish in, so it is quite safe.

  1. Upholstered iron bed frames

5.Upholstered iron bed frames

Upholstered iron bed frames are also good choice for your child’s bed. Not only are they beautiful and elegant in the design they are also very safe. This is because they are heavily padded so your child’s safety is still the focus, whenever they’re playing or laying around in bed you are assured that there won’t be bumps caused from accidentally hitting parts of their bodies on the bed frames.

6. Heavy padded foams and bed essentials

children painted bed

Heavy padded foams and bed essentials can also do your children’s health good. Choose the right kind of bed cushion materials for your child’s preference and conditions as some materials focus on helping out with back pains and such. Add fabrics and covers that are also colorful and lively.

  1.  Wardrobe and storage spaces

Italian Kids Bedroom

For the wardrobe and storage spaces, it should also match with the designs of the other furniture pieces. This way your child’s room doesn’t look to crowded and all over the place. An unorganized child’s bedroom can be room for disaster, which is why storage spaces are important.

8. Organize and arrange

Kids Playroom

Have spaces enough for all the clothes, books, and toys so they won’t be left around on the floors. This is also a good way to practice your child to organize and arrange their things. Put breakable stuff on areas they can’t easily reach, while toys and other essentials should be put in an area where they have easy access.

  1. Child’s room

kids room

Bookshelves are also important for a kid’s bedroom, especially if you don’t have a separate room to serve as the study area. So it is important to have an area in your child’s room relegated to serve the purpose of being an area for studying and doing assignments. This can motivate your child to study more and do well with their school activities.

10.  Study tables with drawers

Study tables with drawers

Make sure the in room study area is spacious enough for a child to work on his assignments and projects. Study tables with drawers help out in this situation by allowing for storage spaces to have a clean table top to work on. This way you can create an environment that is conducive for your child’s learning.

It is said that the first values are formed in the house. So it is important that you are able to instill values to your child through the design of their rooms. Make sure that their rooms are not only beautiful and appealing but also play a role in developing your kid’s personality.

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