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Kids Room Designs

Childs Play Bedroom Design Ideas

Creating a play room could make your child’s dream come true as they would have a nice designated place to learn and play in. A child’s playroom need to be beautifully designed and fun to make sure they have an enjoyable time in the room.

Planning a bedroom for a child is a great time to bond. The child, if a little bigger, could choose the theme and style of the bedroom that he or she wants. The parents can provide guidance or approval and this will be an exciting time for both. We’ve come up with designs and ideas that would make planning the childs play bedroom child’s play.

 1. Girls Room

 little girl's room

This is a great design for a little girl. The all white interior, bed and furniture are a neutral color that could be matched with any color décor and accessory. In the picture the colorful throw pillows accented the room. The gold dress is a nice touch.

  1. Boy’s Room

boys bedroom design

Period pieces are great design ideas and this picture shows just how beautiful it could be. The old trunk and bed was refurbished and looks amazing.

  1.  Nautical boys room

boys bedroom

The black and white striped bedroom design on one wall looks fantastic against the other white wall and table. The headboard of the bed is beautiful and the colorful prints on the wall made this room come alive. The colorful bed linen with its nautical theme is a great touch.

3. Vintage girls bedroom

vintage iron bed

This elegant designed room is fit for a princess. The vintage iron bed is a great décor and the curtains cleverly placed behind the headboard are an amazing touch. The matched curtains, bed linen, pillows and even the lamp covering are fantastic. It shows painstaking work of details.

  1. Use of murals on walls

Use of murals on walls

The use of murals on walls of a room is a great design and idea. In the picture it shows how this lighted up the room and made it lively and fun. The use of stark white furniture to the blue walls is a perfect use of contrasting colors.

  1. Cottage Girls Bedroom Plate Display

Pictures hanged on the walls

Pictures hanged on the walls could make or break a room. This picture shows an amazing design that is budget friendly. The walls on this kid’s bedroom were hanged with an array of old dishes. The mismatched designs, colors and styles of the dishes made the walls look fantastic.


  1. Toddler Bunk Bed

toddler's wood double deck bed.

Area rugs are great design ideas and the picture proves it. The bold black and white design of the area rug matched seamlessly with the wood double deck bed.

  1. Girls’ twin shared bedroom.

girls’ twin shared bedroom.

This is a beautiful design for a girls’ twin shared bedroom. The pink walls and the lovely chandeliers on top of each bed are amazing. The shelves found beneath the beds are great storage spaces.

  1.   Colorful kid’s bedroom

kids bedroom

This is a very colorful kid’s bedroom where colors contrast and blend seamlessly and created a fantastic look. The white inner bed linen with its red outer cover and the blue curtains are lovely to look at. The stuffed toy on the bed is a nice touch.

10. Nursery Book Decor Kid Room

baby nursery

The black and white geometric design of the area rug is the focal point of the room. The blue mirror is a great décor that provided great contrasts of color to the black lampshade and orange chairs.

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