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10 Boys Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Color is no doubt of major importance. It is a personal taste of course, but one cannot ignore the effect of color on one’s mood and productivity. Undermining the power of color frequencies can result in tactless paint decisions whose results will appear after a period of time.

Boys usually tend to choose either a safe calm color or a vivacious funky paint pattern that is typically dominant by a primary color. Despite that, the paint color selection for a boy’s bedroom is limitless. It is important to give a kid or a teen a space to express himself in his bedroom, but it is also vital in case of funky choices, to balance the vibrant colors or shapes with a neutral tone.

The following 10 samples of boys bedrooms demonstrate several Boys Bedroom Paint Color treatments.

1. Mocha Walls and Stickers

Mocha Walls and Stickers

Mocha is never a wrong paint choice. Being an omnipresent classic, it matches any other color and gives it the chance to stand out. The brown and green wall stickers give the boy’s room an interesting identity.

2. Traditional Blue Pastel

 Blue Pastel kids bedroom

Blue is most boys’ favorite color. The blue pastel in this bedroom is actually the identity of this neutral space.

3. Creative Wall Painting

Creative Wall Painting

This traditional natural wood bedroom furniture is completely transformed by the creative wall painting/wallpaper that features a baseball field. The green hues with the complementary red-brown shades provide harmony and balance.

4. Vertically Striped Denim Blue Wallpaper

 Denim Blue Wallpaper

The selection of denim blue wallpaper only for the main wall while painting adjacent walls with deep mocha draws the eye to the bed and the nightstands. Vertical stripes add height.

5. Marine Boy’s Bedroom

Marine Boy's Bedroom

The marine design concept is always a win. Navy blue, white and a touch of red in a modern bedroom is relaxing and stylish. The horizontal wide striped paint pattern gives width to the wall.

6. White Wall Paint

White Wall Paint kids room

This bedroom is neutral despite its eclectic nature. It will appeal to any boy. There is no specific design concept followed, so white paint suits best. The dominant color palette includes white, black and mahogany.

7. Orange and Navy Blue Sticker

Orange and Navy Blue Sticker

This bedroom is contemporary with a certain daring color selection. Creamy white painted walls are brought to life by a swirly two-colored sticker that circulates the room. This boys bedroom is a result of a thoughtful design process.

8. Elegant Wall Paint

Elegant Wall Paint

Blue and grey walls of this bedroom are unified by the horizontal stripes that gives this traditional mahogany bedroom even more elegance and sophistication.

9. Vintage Marine Style

Vintage Marine Style

Vintage marine style is never outdated. This boys bedroom is made unique by the wall stickers and the navy blue ceiling. In most cases, dark ceilings gives the impression of weight and narrowness. In this bedroom, the white door, window and skirting together with the pastel blue wall paint reduce this effect.

10. Lime Green Pastel, Aqua and White Walls

boys room

Too much is going on in this bedroom. Lime green pastel is an excellent choice in a traditional natural wood finish. The nine square-shaped graphic images animate the wall and give identity to the space. The other aqua and white striped wall is a little bit over the top. A white paint would have been a better choice.

Wall paint is an essential design element that adds to or takes from the bedroom’s scheme.

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