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Alice in wonderland crafts for kids

Rooms and designs for kids inspired by fairy tales is a common idea which is prevalent in almost all the kid house and room. It gives a wonderful feel to the place and the children get charmed seeing some candy pop colours and out of the book designs. Alice in wonderland is a popular fairy tale for girls and girl children just love everything that is there in the book and it becomes all the more gorgeous to see things come to life. Here are some of the inspirational designs behind the wonderland that will give you incentive to make it into a structure:-


1.   Eclectic Bedroom

Big wall has a painted portrait

A big wall has a painted portrait of the landscape of Alice in Wonderland as well as the girl. There are many chairs surrounding the dining table which are of pastel shades. In one corner there is a cup made of white porcelain and small lights are fitted in the ceiling.


2.  Simple Wooden Bed

Bedroom with simple wooden bed

A simple wooden bed is placed in the bedroom and in the side of it an arc is shaped which leads you to the end of the passage where the big cup is placed in the side.


3.   Eclectic Bedroom

Big wall has a painted portrait

A big poster is hung on the cupboard with three other small other portraits. A iron material chair of white colour stands in the side. The bed stand is printed and the side table is short with green colour.


4.  Bathroom With Floral Wallpapers

Bath tub with blue colour accessories in porcelain

The bathroom has wallpapers of flowers in big shape placed in two sides which looks cute and in the centre there is a bath tub with blue colour accessories in porcelain.


5.   Big Mansion From Outside

Big mansion with a garden

Stone steps in nude colours make the garden come to life surrounded by greenery all over. The big mansion from outside can be seen from the garden.


6.   Study Room

Neat and tidy study room

Study room has white furniture in glossy furnishing and black art is drawn as a sketch on the cupboard. The look is neat and tidy where you will not have to clean the room perfectly.


7.   Modern Kid’s Room

 White bed stand rests in the room

A white bed stand rests in the room which is of white colour and is small, making it cute in its cradle. Three to four square shelves of wooden furnishing makes it look royal and the white paint with blue carpet on the floor gives a hint of cosiness.

8.   Contemporary Kid’s Room


Gorgeous pink and orange vertical striped sofa

Pink and orange vertical stripes of the sofa looks gorgeous in a covered up multi coloured balls on the wallpaper to accentuate the feel of the room.

9.   Contemporary Nursery

Marbled floor with big polka dots

Marbled floor with big polka dots in coloured paint looks heavenly. Glossy finish of the marble with a white cage like structure and a royal chair in yellow seat with maroon cushions give a twist to the room.


10.   Victorian Period Curtains

Neat bedroom

Victorian period curtains on both the sides of the bed tied up in a knot and a centre bed with blue mattress alongside frills on the lower side of the bed gives a Two side tables in ornate design of white paint stands out on wooden flooring.





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