Hampers with Animal Designs
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10 Small Space Kids Room Storage Bins

Good Choices for Storing Bins for Children

Small Space Kids Room Storage Bins for you. Do your kids have small room space? But you want it organized and always spick-and-span. Kids have their own way of scattering things. However, no matter how disorganize they are, their safety must be your main concern. Of course you want them to be comfortable as well. Their room is their territory. It defines them and that means their rooms are their very own selves. Even at their very tender age, organizing and keeping their things must become part of their routine. So here are 10 small space kids room storage bins that will help your kids put their things in proper order.

1. Hampers with Animal Designs

Hampers with Animal Designs


These are hampers with animal designs. They are great for toddlers who have just began walking and speaking. Children love colors. The vibrant and very lively colors have strong appeal to them. The colorful bins themselves may snatch their attention. Coaching them where put to their toys or their clothes at a particular time will make your life easy. Round in shape, these bins may be placed under a desk or in between cabinets.

2. Four Friends Toy Chest

Four Friends Toy Chest

These are toy chests that also look inviting. They bring in dark colors of red, green and yellow. Displaying these chests is a great way to further improve your children’s organizing skill. All small toy items will not be scattered and you don’t need to be bothered thinking that they may be tripped off. Colorful as they do look, they can be placed under the bed or inside a shelf. They look good in the eyes of little children and thus they would be encouraged to keep their place clean and tidy.

3. Hanging Bins for Toys

Hanging Bins for Toys

Hanging Bins for Toys II

These hanging bins are perfect storage for books and toys. They are light and easy to be installed. Space saving as well, they can be hanged on walls or besides your children’s cabinet. They can be easily reached by kids whenever they start playing or reading books and then be placed back again on these wall-mounted bins. They do create sense of organization for little children. It is a subtle way of imbuing how organizing skill is necessary even to small children.

4. One small Ikea cart

One small Ikea cart

One small Ikea cart II

How about thinking out-of-the-box space-saving design? This nice magnetic board is click-there and-then toy car organizer. It can be mounted on walls without screw. The same cute space saving design is the doll pocket house. Little girls can just pull their dolls in and out and soon they are ready to play with dolls. These are unique storage places that save space and time arranging them in line for children.

That’s a cute mobile multi-purpose storage bin. It creates a vertical space storage. There are other small things that can be put in this aside form the baby’ shoes. Toys and pencils and other school supplies like the other crayon holder at the right do make

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