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Zen designs for Tranquility

Zen designs for Tranquility is best design nowadays. What exactly are Zen designs? Zen signifies tranquility, sereneness, peace and order in the universe. The designs flow naturally and colors are serene to evoke a sense of peace and happiness whenever one enters it. This kind of design is being used in some homes and they have gathered a following because of the relaxed feeling one gets upon entering the home. Our homes are natural sanctuaries and enhancing it with designs that give it a relaxed atmosphere would surely be an added benefit.

Here are some Zen design ideas for you to mull over with and see how it can be done in your homes.

 1. Japanese Garden Zen Design

Japanese Garden Zen Design

The garden is usually the most popular place to which Zen designs could be used. In the picture it shows how a wall section has been opened and framed in a great design and you get the feeling of a doorway going to an endless journey.

 2. Multicolored Pebbles Ideas

Multicolored Pebbles Ideas

The art work on the wall made of tiny multicolored pebbles is matched perfectly with the orange lamps, the gold colored pillows and the green silk bed cover. The whole effect of this bedroom is of peace and serenity.

 3. Dark Colored Design

Dark Colored Design

The dark colored wooden four poster bed is the perfect ploy to the brown brick walls and divider of this great Zen designed bedroom. The green pillows piled high on a bean bag seat make this bedroom a very relaxing place to be.

 4. Dark Colors Combination

Dark Colors Combination

The dark browns and greens color combination of this Zen living room gives warm, peace and tranquility upon entering it. The soft beige color of the walls and plants placed on wooden tables also add to the image.

 5. Wonderful Zen Garden

Wonderful Zen Garden

The entrance of this house used the Zen garden design and it looks wonderful. White pebbles were strewn all over the ground and two large circles were placed full of plants with big white rocks.

 6. Fantastic Green Plant Design

Fantastic Green Plant Design

The fantastic green plant design on the walls of this bedroom is perfectly matched by the white comfy bed. The brown and white pillows are the perfect touch.

 7. Master Bathroom Wide Spot

Master Bathroom Widespot

The brown and green design of the floor tiles matched perfectly with the dark brown cabinets of this Zen inspired bathroom design. The two sink areas with their huge brown wood covered frames are fantastic.

 8. Zen Inspired Bathroom Design

Zen Inspired Bathroom Design

This is an amazing Zen kitchen design. The red cabinets and kitchen island flows naturally to the green walls. The hanging lamps are a nice accent that further added to the image.

 9. Dream Home

Dream Home

This is a Zen designed house that is boosted high with the use of great planks of wood. The various varieties of trees that surround the property give a feeling of sereneness and tranquility.

10. Asian Modern Kitchen

Asian Modern Kitchen

This is a modern fusion of east meets west design of a kitchen that gives off a feeling of relaxation and peace. The green tiles of the walls are matched perfectly with the green slate kitchen counter top. The green pears are a nice touch.

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