Highlighted bedroom with Japanese sliding doors
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Zen Decorations for Asian Themed Houses

If you like to go for an Asian themed house, choose decorations that are inspired by Zen. These types of decorations are truly Asian and they also improve the aesthetics of your house well with it’s simple and practical designs. Zen inspired decorations have always been associated with the Asian culture. The reason for this is that Zen has its roots in the Japanese culture, as well as Buddhism. However, decorations that show other Asian cultures such as Thai, Chinese, and others are also associated with the Zen inspired interior designs. Zen interiors are also considered minimalist, as they are functional and simple looking. Here are some perfect ideas for Zen decorations used in Asian themed houses.

1.   Use low rattan seats

Dining area with a low dining table

In Japan and Korea, it is often that you’ll find low dining tables. They usually eat while sitting on the floor. This dining idea shows simplicity as you don’t need chairs to sit on. However, you can go and use low rattan seats or just padded small chairs for sitting. Rattan is also a very Asian inspired material to use.

2.   Tatami Mats on the Floor

Tatami mats are good for when dining in low tables.

Tatami mats are also good for when dining in low tables. Tatami mats are floor covering that are made of straw. They also have their origins in the Japanese culture. They are very practical replacement for thick and expensive carpets.

3.   Japanese Sliding Doors

Highlighted bedroom with Japanese sliding doors

Sliding doors are also something in Zen inspired decorations. These doors are also really practical, environment friendly, and beautiful. These types don’t use too much wooden materials as they can be made of translucent paper framed with wood frames.

4.   Shoji Sliding Doors

 Simple Shoji sliding doors design

These sliding doors known in Japan as shoji can also be found in other Asian cultures. Korean and Chinese houses also showcase this type of sliding door, which can also serve as room divider. They are very appealing and its simple design is very Zen unlike normal doors which have intricate designs.

5.   Zen Decorations

Zen decorations help promote relaxation and meditation

Zen decorations also help promote relaxation and meditation. That is why it is often that you’ll find candles and incense incorporated in the decorations. Go for aroma therapy candles and have candle holders with Asian inspired designs.

6.   Sand Table With A Buddha Statuette

Zen decorating idea

Make a sand table where you can put a Buddha statuette and your candle and incense holders. This will look like a miniature Zen garden inside your house. Add vases that are Asian inspired or have intricate details in them.

7.    Table Decorations Of Vases And Flowers 


Zen inspired decorations

Table decorations of vases and flowers can be made into Zen inspired decorations by using thin vases and lining them up in a dish with pebbles in it. The pebbles would give off that relax and peaceful feel. Also don’t put too much flower in one vase, as that would look crammed and definitely disorganized.

8.   Enchanting Miniature Bonsai Decorating

Bonsai plants are used as decorations for the table tops

In lieu of flowers, you can have bonsai plants as decorative for the table tops in your house. Bonsai are those plants which are artificially prevented to grow their full size. Bonsai is believed to have originated in Japan and is considered an art there. But bonsai is also present in other Asian cultures like in China. So having them in your house not only improves the Asian inspired interior, it also promotes harmony and simplicity in your house.

9.   Asian Outdoor Decor

Wind gong decorating idea

Another Zen decoration you can have in your Asian themed house is a wind gong. It is similar to a wind chime; however it has a gong in it. The gong will make a sound whenever there is a breeze just like a wind chime. Gongs are also popular in the Asian culture, so having a wind gong is perfect.

10.   Light Fit In Perfectly In An Asian Inspired House


Light fixture decorating idea

Instead of chandeliers and the like go for light fixtures that are truly Asian. Choose lanterns made of papers; they produce an amazing lighting effect. Also, they are found in almost all Asian culture so that it can fit in perfectly in an Asian inspired house.

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