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Zen Colors for Your Home

Zen emphasizes meditation.  Zen is also a Japanese school that aimed to teach the contemplation of one’s essential nature to the exclusion of all else is the only way of achieving enlightenment. This is the definition of Zen in dictionaries. It is believed that colors have the ability to heal your spirit. These colors can change your life especially your lifestyle. Zen colors bring inner peace to you. By having Zen colors to your home, it would provide you calmness, comfort and relaxation. The Zen colors are particularly used in Asia but it is now used all over the world. Zen design flows from the natural world like water from spring. Pick colors that would reflect nature in to your home.

1. Pantone Stillwater

 rich blue The color blue represents Stillwater. This color would trigger relaxation response. It would make you feel that you are floating up in a boat of looking at the sky. The color speaks tranquility and gentleness.

  1. Shades of gray

Shades of gray Maybe you do not know it but these shades of gray are the calmest in the world. The darker color would ground the room while the lighter one runs up the ceiling and would make it feel higher.

3. Full Spectrum Chartreuse

 Chartreuse Chartreuse is about rebirth, growth and nature. It can be acidic but this shade will be easy to work with. If you put it in a master bedroom, have cream colored linens and a touch of coral. It would bring it some life.

4. Pantone delicacy

Cream with a touch of red Cream with a touch of red would attract anyone who would see it. The warmth of the color makes it uplifting. If you compare it with nature, it is like a blossom in spring. The color is gentle, clean and optimistic and a fresh way if being Zen.

5.  Pratt Lambert Shantung Yellow

Yellow Colour

Yellow would give you life-giving quality that is very healing. Having a feeling of turning up your face in the sun, would be very delightful. Yellow is a color that gives you hope and it makes you feel that there are possibilities and you would see a new light.

  1. Fresh Pink

fresh pink

Pink symbolizes love and tenderness. It increases up receptivity and opens up the heart. Attraction of kindness and compassion is indeed what this color is meant for and it would be very helpful for emotional healing. This would help bring back the sweetness in your life.

  1. Farrow Ball Stony Ground Beige

beige colour

Beige has medicinal and calming qualities despite of being a neutral color. You will emerged refreshed with the energy to keep moving forward.

  1. Farrow Ball Etruscan Red

dark red color

This color will envelop you quietly like a deep massage. You can relax physically and emotionally until you regain your strength. It does not feel like paint, instead, it feels like mother earth herself.

  1. Donald Kaufman DKC Green

Donald Kaufman DKC Green

Green incorporates both ends and embraces all the realms of light that people need for nourishment. It gives both warmth and coolness. Since it is ubiquitous in nature, it takes us back in the nature.

10.  Benjamin Moore Inspired AF

purple colour

Violet draws out a higher consciousness because it’s nearest to black. It is simultaneously warm and cool, vibrant and relaxed, vintage and fresh. It gives you a mellow kind of happy.

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