Industrial style is softened by bright colours
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Well Decorated Madrid Open Plan Loft Renovation

This striking loft renovation in Madrid, Spain, is a successful project that achieved a spacious, airy, and comfortable family loft with plenty of light and space. It’s an open plan home, that has been designed intelligently so that the rooms flow together as one, but with clear definition between different functional spaces.

The designers have stuck to a strong colour palette of white, light greys, and a mix of wood and glass, and added soft colourful furnishings to living and bedroom areas where extra warmth and texture was required for comfort and style.

Join us on a tour of this wonderful Spanish home that is modern, stylish, and contemporary and will remain so for a long time because of its minimal and dynamic style. Prepare to be inspired by simplicity, straight lines, and Scandinavian inspired design:

1. Open Plan Defined

Open plan home

Areas of the open plan home are still clearly defined by the direction of walls and the positioning of ceilings.

2. Industrial Chic

Industrial style is softened by bright colours

The industrial style here is bold, but softened by bright colours, soft textures, and a light family feel.

3. Glass Panels

Modern room decor

Glass paneling, for walls, windows, and furniture, is popular because of its defining properties which don’t limit any light, colour, or vision.

4. Soft Leather Seating

Grey seating with a chrome frame

Soft leather seating is a classic because of its durability and comfort. With the soft grey colour and a chrome frame, this modern chair looks right at home in the contemporary home.

5. Acrylic Bookshelf

Stunning acrylic furniture

Acrylic furniture is becoming more and more popular. It’s cheap, durable, and looks sleek and stunning in minimal style homes.

6. Flashes Of Colour

Colour accents are a foolproof interior design trick

Colour accents are a foolproof interior design trick. In this home the accents don’t match, so they all stand out individually.

7. Scandinavian Style

Scandinavians are the originators of minimal

Scandinavians are the originators of minimal and using natural materials in the home, and this style has been adapted into this informal dining room and study space.

8. Chic Glass Doors

Glass door provides a barrier to sound and heat from the kitchen

The glass door provides a barrier to sound and heat from the kitchen, but it lets the open plan feel of the home continue without disruption.

9. White Equals Light

White kitchen design

If maximising light and space in your home is number one, you need to go for an all white kitchen and blinds that don’t banish any sunlight.

10. Soft And Colourful Furnishings

Soft multicoloured furnishings on a grey and simple backdrop

Add a bit of warmth and colour, like this bedroom, with soft multicoloured furnishings on a grey and simple backdrop.

11. Wood Variations

Shades of wood add a natural theme to this room

Add extra levels to your room by mixing shades of wood used to add a natural theme to your home. Don’t let your flooring match your wooden cupboard space.

12. Chic And Minimal Bathroom

Soft grey bathroom

The soft grey bathroom matches the minimal and light tone of the home perfectly. It is soft and welcoming without being too offensive or bright.

Overall, this is a striking and stunning family home which has paid superb attention to detail. it’s a minimal home, and it’s open plan has been designed meticulously so that there is no disruption to design, conversation, or engagement inside the home.

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