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Wallpapered Hallways For Vintage Houses

A vintage interior designed house is characterized by lovely and sweet accents. It is often that you’ll find a house with vintage interior to look classic and regal. It is like every part of the house is well thought of and made even more beautiful. The walls are usually clad with lovely wallpapers that just make one feel like their stuck in time or in someplace in Europe. Even the hallways are very nice and attractive and are still clothed with wallpapers. Some hallways even have fixtures like tables and chairs that match the wallpapers. Wallpapers it seems are essential towards achieving that vintage look. Also, they make a hallway more interesting as opposed to having white painted hallways. Here are some beautiful designs and ideas of wallpaper for hallways.

1. Green Floral Wallpaper

Floral hallway wallpaper

To choose wallpaper one must first figure out what color would fit the whole design of the house. Also try to stick with pastel and light shades as they create a more romantic atmosphere. Pastels and light shades also gives off a brighter and warmer illusion that makes the room and house for that matter look spacious.

2. Wallpaper With Bold Patterns

Bold patterns in the wallpapers also make the hallways brighter

Bold patterns in the wallpapers also make the hallways brighter. So it is better to use wallpapers with bold patterns in bold colors, as it adds more charm to your house, especially when used in hallways. Match the wallpaper with painted woodwork that also adds more appeal to your hallway.

3. Vintage Hallway Wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper with intricate patterns

For vintage wallpapers one can notice more intricate patterns. Those vintage wallpapers with intricate patterns can look more regal and royal. Match them with chairs and tables that are also made with intricate patterns and royal colors.

4. White Grey Hallway Wallpaper

Floral hallway wallpaper

Vintage wallpapers can also be in darker colors like browns and grays. However, the wallpaper pattern should be in lighter colors or whites as they would match very well. The other fixtures in the hallways can have the same base color as the wallpaper base.

5. Floral Hallway Wallpaper

Colorful hallway wallpaper

To achieve a modern romantic look through the wallpaper, you can choose to incorporate modern looking patterns to your wallpaper, like modern flowers and other modern romantic looking patterns.  Go for bright patterns if the base of the wallpaper is white or cream. Do the opposite for when the base color is darker.

6. Cream Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper patterns match the seat cover for the chair

Choose wallpaper patterns that can match other fabrics and linens used in your house. This way you can create an organized and continuous look in your designs. Some hallways can be clad with tables and small wicker chairs. Select throw pillow cases and seat covers for these chairs that match your wallpaper pattern.

7. Wallpaper With Landmarks

Wallpapered hallway

Wallpapers can also be chosen according to the owner’s hobbies and interest. It can also showcase other interesting stuff like names of places and landmarks. This makes the hallways more charming and appealing. There are wallpapers with landmarks like the Eiffel tower or London Eye, Statue of Liberty, and others.

8. Wallpaper With Horses

Wallpapered hallway

There are also wallpapers that showcase the type of environment that a house is surrounding by. Like wallpaper with horses as its designs which can come across as very country and would likely describe the surroundings of the house. So it is better to choose hallway wallpapers that can describe the interest of owners and environment of the house.

9. White Floral Hallway Wallpaper

Wallpapered hallway

Add other fixtures to your hallways that match your wallpapers. Have coat hangers and tables or a drawer which not only make your hallway more useful and space saving, but also adds character to it. The materials used in the fixtures should match or go well with the wallpaper color and patterns.

10. Foilage Hallway Wallpaper

Wallpapered hallway

When you settle for foliage patterns on wallpapers, you can have a vase or potted plant in your hallway that matches the wallpapers. This makes your hallway look natural and vibrant also, as the foliage creates a relaxing look. Plus, you make your house more environment-friendly.

A hallway should not be boring and should match the charm of the whole house. So choose hallway wallpaper wisely, go for designs that adds appeal to the whole house. Add fixtures that are space saving and match the patterns on the wallpaper.


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