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10 Vintage Chic Decorating Ideas

Vintage chic, also known as shabby chic, is all about femininity and simple elegance. Even though it gained massive popularity in the last decades, the style goes back to 1990’s, originating in Great Britain. It wasn’t until the early 80’s that the shabby chic got its name. The term was conceived by a magazine named “The world of interiors”. The style brings together a combination of white, cream and pastel colors. Touches of duck egg blue, champagne pink and liliac in soft and subtle floral pattern complete the look. Distressed wood along with antiques and unique accessories are the perfect complement to its graceful look.

Charmingly sophisticated with a touch of rustic, the vintage chic style stole the heart and soul of many. What’s more, the style is inexpensive to achieve and can be easily created with a little DIY experience. If you are looking for ideas to introduce the style into your home, take a look our selection of ten vintage chic decorating ideas. Check them out and be inspired!

1. Vintage chic delight

Vintage  bedroom

The worn out appearance of the two vintage pieces, the door and the chair, adds character to the room. A strong contrast between old and new turns the room into a shabby chic delight. Both the butterflies and the handmade flower accessories are the perfect complement to this bedroom’s feminine look.

2. Seductive timeworn feel

neutral color palette

A distressed wood gives this room a timeworn feel. With its intricate frame and lovely color, the mirror steals the spotlight. It’s emphasized through the room’s neutral color palette and overall simplicity.

3. Orderly chaos that attracts

electric room

This electric room is characterized by the orderly chaos that governess it. It manages to maintain an airy and elegant appearance. Accents of colors are scattered uniformly across the room. Patterns are subtle and diverse, complementing the room’s design.

4. Keep it clutter free

living room  ideas

This room has a beautiful color palette. However, the elements are quite cluttered, making the eye wonder without focusing on one element. It can become tiring. Accentuating fewer elements would have made this room gorgeous.

5. Accentuating the right elements

clutter allows

A corner of the previous room, but with fewer elements. You can instantly notice the difference. The living room is now more harmonious and balanced, more inviting and cozy. Less clutter allows the eye to linger in analyzing an object without being strongly attracted to explore another.

6. Making a case for mismatch

Vintage chic kitchen

Vintage chic is an eclectic style, celebrating the union of mismatched pieces. This room manages to find the perfect balance between elements. The contrast found in colors and styles is engaging and not overwhelming.

7. Vintage chic in contrasting colors

Vintage chic dining

The painting gives character and personality to the room. Ir acts like a focal point, the eye being instantly attracted to it. The contrast between its strong colors and the power of the white makes for an engaging design. The soft cream touches act like a mediator, softening the intensity of the contrast.

8. Beauty in a three color palette

pattern of the plants

Nature is brought inside through the medium of plants. They seem to imitate the color and pattern of the plants outside, creating a strong visual continuity. The room works with a three color palette. As luminous and elegant as it is, the room becomes a vintage chic beauty.

9. Chic in pastel delicacy

 chic room

Pastel colors add an aura of femininity and delicacy to the room. Their simplicity and elegance is enhanced by the dominating white. Soft materials and subtle patterns are the perfect complements to the room’s vintage chic room.

10. Charmingly simple

Vintage chic,

Simplicity governess the room, giving it elegance. The curvatures of the headboard and the chair add an aura of femininity. The carpet is a beautiful addition. Along with the striped pillow, the chic it makes the room feel inviting and cozy.

Vintage chic, or shabby chic, is as charming and as popular as it is because it tells a story. The style adds something personal and unique to a room, it adds charm and character. How do you feel about vintage chic? We would love to know your opinions and decorating stories. Don’t be shy, share them with us!

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