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Flamboyant Victorian house interior design interior design

The Victorian house interior design always has flamboyant ideas because that is what the era represents. The era of Queen Victoria used flamboyant designs on the wallpapers, furniture, floor tiles, upholstery covers and curtains. It was not a simple designed era but one with dark gothic finishes in the colors of plum, blue and green. It also has some oriental inclinations in the use of too much flowers that are too bright if put together in the curtains and cushions. Still, it was an age of opulence and luxury that will never make a comeback in real life but only in the movies.

 1.  Victorian House Entry

victorian style entry

Image source : ekmandesign

The stained glass windows and the wallpaper design are designs that have strong Victorian tones. This is a restored house that was designed to the last detail. The blue carpet used on the steps of the stairs look fantastic.

 2. Victorian Staircase Design

Victorian staircase design

Image source: svdesign

The elaborate pattern of the carpet that fully wrapped the stairs’ landing looks fabulous against the highly polished wood stairs and the stained glass on the big bay window blends wonderfully to a seamless finish.

 3. Victorian dressing room

victorian style decor

Image source:petermargonelli

This wood and white living room looks so elegant and opulent that you get transported back in time. The heavy wood used in the doors, walls and cabinets are fantastic and the contrast of white sofas, chairs, fluffy area rug and flowers are marvelous.

 4. Victorian Farmhouse

Victorian Farmhouse

This is an example of a Victorian designed farmhouse. The glass windows and doors made this room look bright. The plush cushions of the cream chair are a wonderful accent.

 5. Dining Interior design

Big bay window

The big bay window and the dark brown hardwood period pieces look lovely in this living room. The plump sofas with floral patterns and the chandelier are reminiscent of Victorian design.

 6. Elaborate Designs

 Elaborate Designs

Image source: coastdoor

The elaborate designs on the glass used in the frame of the door leading to the dining area are fantastic. The large carpet that dining table and chairs are on is another wonderful design and the chandelier is a great accent.

 7. Victorian design

victorian interior

Image source: cummings architects

This small space looks fantastic with its Victorian design. The yellow high backed chairs and the big fireplace with an iron cast cover looks lovely. The chandelier is a wonderful accent.

 8. Victorian Kitchen design

Victorian Kitchen ideas

The wallpaper design used in this kitchen gave it an old fashioned look that mixes very well with the modern appliances in it. The curtains over those large windows are a nice accent.

 9. Victorian Style staircase

victorian style

Image source: vdesign

The wonderful pattern of the carpet that was used to cover the stairs’ landing and the steps are elaborate designs typical of the Victorian era. It looks fantastic combined with the highly polished wood doors, walls and stairs.

10. Huge bay windows

bay windows

Image source: shopFDI

The alcove with its huge bay windows and elaborate curtains are wonderful. The beautiful designs on the glass panes that are placed on the frames surrounding the door are fantastic. The horse shoe shaped alcove with yellow colored cushions and the big area rug is mind blowing.

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