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Richly designed Victorian home interior decorating ideas

Victorian home interior decorations are designs of a bygone era that still holds sway over modern designs because of the ostentatious way it was done. The decorations are of Gothic designs with a combination of highly colored patterns and designs that depict large and small flowers that are so feminine. Furniture comes in heavy proportions and elaborate ornamentation and carving are the order of the day. These designs may be too elaborate in the modern setting but they do look fabulous when done right. They exude an air of richness and sophistication and sometimes decadence that would always attract a following. Here are some of the Victorian home decoration ideas that we think best represents that era.

1. Victorian Style Family And Games Room

Victorian decoration design

image source: Campbell Smith Architects

The yellow wallpaper, the carpet, the dark color of the wood mantel, the period piece chaise lounge all add up to a Victorian decoration design. The heavy pleated curtains also add to the image.

2. Doors

Tall double doors

image source: interiordoorandcloset

The tall double doors with the circular design in the middle are typical door designs during the Victorian era. Reproduced in this modern door it still has a magic of its own that made the entryway fantastic.

3.  Victorian Style Staircase

Highly polished stairs

image source: master woodworks

The highly polished stairs and the heavy glossy wood beams are furniture ideas during the Victorian era. The violet colored flower designed carpet that lined the steps and the wallpaper were the popular designs of that era.

4.  Staircases And Railings

Home interior with wooden staircase

image source: master woodworks

The highly polished wooden double doors with intricately designed glass panels made the entrance to this house lovely. The hanging chandelier suspended from beams of rich dark heavy wood looks fabulous. The violet colored flower designed wallpaper adds to the image.

5. Victorian Style Loveseat

Living room with loveseat

image source: eladgonen

This living room design was inspired from the Victorian era when flower patterns were used on the curtains and cushions. The proliferation of flowers was typical of that era and ornately designed lamps as well.

6.  Custom Headboard

Bedroom with a custom headboard

image source: Sarah Dreyer Design

Lamp designs inspired from the Victorian era show high ornamentation even to the last detail of a pull down switch. This lamp design represents the design and the pull down switch is a work of art.

7.  Victorian Style Chandeliers

Home interior with a Victorian style chandelier

image source: Sarah Dreyer Design

Chandeliers that were used during the Victorian era were rich in embellishments or design and always crystal clear to create a dazzling jeweled look. The chandeliers could also be combined with black and create a gothic look.

 8. Pendant Chandeliers

Kitchen with pendant chandeliers

image source: heydtdesigns

Pendant chandeliers became the other design for lights during the Victorian era. They were called this because they looked like pendants on a necklace and the crystal clear design makes it look like a piece of jewelry.

 9. Pedestal Sink

Bathroom with a pedestal sink

This bathroom looks so Victorian from the pedestal sink, tiles and mirror. The focal point though is the toilet seat that is so richly embellished in heavy ornamentation.

10. Victorian Style Sofa

Colorful striped sofa

This period piece could represent Victorian in the design of the sofa. The different colors used on it is modern and became an eclectic design.

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