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Bathroom Designs with Versatile subway tile

Bathroom tiles add a sense of modernity in our bathrooms, they look smart, easy to clean and with the right fixtures and fittings ,the bathroom looks complete.  When choosing bathroom wall and floor tiles you want to go for good quality Versatile subway tiles.  Versatile subway tile are versatile to use as they could be placed in the bathroom and kitchen and still look fantastic. They come in different colors, shapes and designs which could light up the bathroom and kitchen. They are big tiles and can cover an area easily. They can also be used in the outdoors like the garden and can be a beautiful design.  They are not slippery so they are safe to use and easy to maintain. Here are some ideas and designs to show the versatility of this tile.

1. Fantastic White Colored Subway Tile

Fantastic White Colored Subway Tile

The white colored subway tile used on the entire bathroom looks fantastic. The even placement of it gave the bathroom a sleek and clean look.

 2. Gray Grout Outline Subway Tile

Gray Grout Outline Subway Tile

The white subway tiles used on this shower area had a gray grout outlines that made it look lovely. The recessed shelf on the wall also used the same tile and overall effect of this on the bathroom is wonderful.

3. Mosaic Designed Subway Tile

Mosaic Designed Subway Tile

The white subway tile used on this bathroom was tiled with a mosaic designed tile in the middle to give it a style that looks astounding. The colorful mosaic tile contrasted very nicely with the white subway tile and would make any bathroom lovely.

4. Transparent Glass Silver Colored Subway Tile

Transparent Glass Silver Colored Subway Tile

This silver colored subway tile will be a knockout in any bathroom that it is used. It will blend or contrast beautifully with any interior color and design. Used in the walls of this bathroom, it looks fantastic contrasted to the transparent glass vase and yellow flowers.

 5. Colorful Tiles with Vertical Tile

Colorful Tiles with Vertical Tile

This is a fantastic idea in which ceramic tiles were combined with subway tiles and came up looking like a million dollars. The colorful grout that was placed in the middle of the subway tiles matched the colors of the ceramic tiles and made this shower area fabulous.

6. Stylish White Subway Tile

Stylish White Subway Tile

This is a very stylish small kitchen that got its image updated by using white subway tiles on the lower walls. The subway tiles matched the white walls perfectly and contrasted very nicely with the wood kitchen countertop.

7. Blue Colored Glass Type Subway Tile

Blue colored Glass Type Subway Tile

The blue color of the glass type subway tile used in this bathroom is a great idea. The recessed shelf of the same tile color does not only look good it is a great spot for putting shampoos and soaps on it.

8. White Glass Style Subway Tile

Glass Style Subway Tile

This is another color for the glass kind of subway tile that diverts from the usual white that is so popular. This was used in the bathroom wall and looks amazing.

9. Dark Colored Grout Subway Tile

Dark Colored Grout Subway Tile

The dark colored grout that was used in the white subway tiles created a dramatic effect to this shower room and made it look stylish. It also blended perfectly with the black and white design of the tiles used on the floor.

10. Matte Type Subway Tile

Matte Type Subway Tile

Subway tiles either have the glass type which is glossy and shiny and the matte type which is not. This shower area used the non glossy type which is the matte and the gray color is a great choice.

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