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Top-Notch Wood Flooring Creates Such Unique Look in Your House

You take extra care in choosing the kind of interior for your house. You are fastidious in getting the kind of furniture pieces, color of the wall and ceiling, and the layout. You choose a style perfect to your taste. You inspect every space and corner of each room to see if perfect unity is achieved in terms of design and style.  But without considering first what type of flooring you would want for your house, everything from color to fabric, from furniture to design will not blend nor coordinate. So either you choose wood floor or wood laminate, you have to see what style will suit for the whole interior you want for every room in your house.  So, offered here are wood floorings which you can take a look and see if they are the ones that match the style you want for your house.


1.  Hallway With Wooden Flooring

hallway with black walnut flooring

The wood floor is an original pine with polyurethane on it.  The wide chunky wood plank gives the place a more vintage look.  Its shine adds to clean and fresh look of the place. So, if you would like to give your place such appeal, this can be a good experiment in treating your floor.

 2.  Oak wood Kitchen flooring

kitchen with wooden flooring ideas

This is an oak wood flooring. Its pale color gives the place a brighter look. It complements perfectly well with kitchen cabinet.  On a lighter wood color, other furnishings need to go with that shade and a darker tone will add depth to the place.

 3. Wooden flooring living room

wooden floor for living room

Here is another oak wood flooring with a natural finish.  The flooring creates a warm appeal in contrast with natural color of white that permeates the whole place.  This is good flooring especially that it looks sturdy. If this place is used for occasional parties or gatherings it appears that flooring can stand scratches and abrasions.

 4. Open Floor Wooden Floor Kitchen

hickory wooden floor

This flooring is hickory wood. The combination of lighter and dark shades makes to appear likes stripes creates a warmer look.  The lighting creates an inviting mood that makes it so welcoming, making your guests stay and enjoy this place.

 5.  Flooring with brown hues

orange motif of the room

The flooring with brown hues coordinates well with the orange motif of the room. It creates a very temperate look that will make you feel warm while having a restful day or night at sleep.

 6.  White Wood bedroom floor

bedroom with wooden floor

If you want a bedroom that flawlessly looks clean, it is a neat idea to carry out in your plan a wood flooring with a white paint. The vertical layout of the flooring is perfectly fitted, giving this whole place a very wholesome look, very crisp and clean. You can give your room this immaculate appearance.

 7.  Wood flooring painted in white

white living room Wood flooring

Here is another wood flooring painted in white. It gives the whole place a garden-fresh look. It goes well with white window frames, white floor lamp, and white couch, giving it a clean and bright appeal.

 8.  Skylight Bright Wooden Floor

yellow wooden floor

You will be drawn by the nice wood flooring that keeps a certain glow with the skylight giving it a brighter appeal. The throw pillows’ color plays well with the color of the wood flooring. It creates a unique blend, sending the atmosphere in perfect unity.

 9. Wooden Floor with Neutral Color

 natural wooden floor living room

This wooden floor with neutral color runs totally well with the bedframe and other furnishings of this bedroom.  It continues to preserve that radiant and bright appeal because of the wood color that serves as the main palette of the room.

 10.  Walnut wood veneer wall And flooring

combined living and dining room

This wood flooring in its linear layout works parallel with the wooden floor and ceiling outline.  All in unity, going in one direction, they create continuity, making the place to look bigger and clear.

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