use a divider for beds
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Top College Apartment Bedroom Layout

Being away in college is a preparation for a life of living outside the comfort zone. But being in a new environment is a lot of pressure and takes time to adjust to. However, one can design and layout their college apartments to look a bit like their old family homes with a mixture of how they would like their future homes to also look like. So it is fine to have your apartment bedrooms look like your old bedroom but try to incorporate things and fixtures that you’d love to have in your future house’s bedroom. Here are some amazing college apartment bedroom layout ideas that might help in living in a new environment.

  1.  Shared bedroom


In your first months in college it is usual to live in an apartment with a shared bedroom. This is much harder to adjust to as you and your roommate would have to agree as to the layout and decorations for your room. It is important to bear in mind that your bedroom should be comfortable and relaxing, so try to avoid having lots of stuff. Go for the essentials like a bedside table that can cater your books and closet space big enough for two people. Make sure that the beds are just the right size so as not to make the room look small.

  1.  Bedside Table As Divider

use a divider for beds

Put your beds on the centre of the room with just a bedside table between them. You and your roommate can then set boundaries and choose sides of the bedroom for you to hang your decorations and put your other stuff on. This way you can both have what you want and not argue on who occupies more space.

  1. Double side furniture Pieces

Double side furniture Pieces

Have double side furniture pieces like a double side bookshelf for you and your roommate to have your own personal space for your books and other stuff. Also you can have built in closets on the walls facing each other. This way you both have the enough space for all your clothes and other equipment. It also provides more privacy and security.

  1. Have Room For A Study Desk

cool study area desk

Make sure that your apartment bedroom offers a good environment for studying. This would be perfect if you have a single bedroom as you can study in your own private space. Place a study desk in corners or near a window so you won’t have lighting problems or can save electricity by studying in broad daylight.

5.   Hanging Shelves Above Study Desk

hanging shelving

Have hanging shelves situated near your study table for your books and other college related stuff. Also if you have extra spaces in your wardrobe you can go and put your books in those extra shelves. Just make sure your study table is located within arms-reach to your closet area turned book case.

  1. Put A Lamp By Your Bedside Table

bedside table

If your room is small and it won’t be possible to put in a study desk, put a good lamp in your bedside table. This way you can study on your bed and make good use of your bedside table shelving area for your books and other school related stuff. A chest where you can keep your foldable clothes can also be situated near the bed, for you to use the lid as storage for your books.

  1. Hanging racks for your clothes

hanging clothe rack

Have hanging racks for your clothes that can’t fit in your closet. They are not only efficient but when not needed, they can also be kept in storage. Have hanging shelves that can also serve as shoe rack. So as to keep the floor clutter free, arrange and display your shoes on shelves.

  1.  Use Bedframes with Storage Space

bedframe with storage

Choose bedframes that have storage spaces incorporated in them. This could help a lot especially in a shared bedroom, since there won’t be enough space for a big closet. This would also help your room look more organized and clutter free as there would be space to keep and organize everything.

  1. Thick And padded bed mattresses

Thick And padded bed mattresses

Select bed mattresses that are thick and padded yet soft and comfortable. Your bed can be a sanctuary for you in your college years so it’s best to stick to those that are relaxing and provide coziness.

10. Use Sparingly and Simple Decorations

Decorate your bedroom

Decorate your bedroom sparingly and simply. Go for statement pieces and artworks that are modest and appealing to the eyes. Don’t go overboard in decorating as this can go wrong and make your bedroom look stuffier and shabby.

In choosing a layout for your college bedroom, it is important to note that not all the things you want can be fit in your room. So you need to consider the floor space and the essential things first, like the bed, closet, and study area. Selecting the right design and layout can help sharpen your decision making skills, taking you one step forward to independent living.

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