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Timber Frame Interiors

Timber has always been a revered choice of interior decorators given its majestic elegance and functional benefits. Nothing looks as regal as timber and the very presence of polished wood can glam up the entire ambience of a contemporary room. Timber speaks of class and timber frame interiors duly mirror the rich taste of the home owner. You can have the timber frames for any of your rooms- whether you wish to highlight a stylish faucet in the bathroom or the artsy show pieces in your living space. The best bit about the timber frames is these befit any form or theme of décor, be it vintage or rustic or contemporary. Moreover, timber frames are sturdy and ensure a long lasting investment for you. Are you interested in getting timber frame for interior decoration? Well, the post here features some of the best designs on timber frame interiors for your inspiration.

1.   Classy Bathroom With Timber Frames

Classy bathroom with timber frames dominating everything

This is one classy bathroom with timber frames dominating everything, right from highlighting the glam faucet to the majestic glass work over the sink to the timber cupboard.

2.   Living Space Spells Elegance To The T

Living space spells elegance to the T with a suave timber

This living space spells elegance to the T with a suave timber presence everywhere- right from the timber ceiling, to the railings to the geometric window borders to the majestic timber chair.

3.   Regal Traditional Kitchen Space

Traditional kitchen with timber frames

Timber is the most significant aspect when you wish to create a regal traditional kitchen space and the very fact is duly echoed by this wood-laden kitchen. The rich brown texture looks classy and oozes warmth.

4.   Unique Timber Bathtub

Bathroom with timber bathtub

The timber bathtub is a unique addition to this bathroom creating a one-of-a-kind experience. The rich brown tint assures a much desired contrast against the plain creamy bath backdrop.

5.   Heavy Timber Interior

Elegant little dining space

The little dining space speaks elegance in volumes thanks to its heavy timber interior. Right from the classy wooden dining table to the sturdy chair to the ceiling to the window frames to the grand door- the timber presence assures warmth and beauty.

6.   Traditional Spaces

The room looks really inviting

The room looks really inviting with the big wooden chairs, timber frames on the ceiling, timber window borders & timber cupboards- the rectangular wooden wall unit adds on an edgy appeal to the space.

7.   Cozy And Inviting Dining Space

Dining space looks cozy and inviting with the majestic timber highlights

The dining space looks cozy and inviting with the majestic timber highlights in almost every aspect of the room. Be it the grand wooden dining table or the sturdy chairs or the wooden ceiling or the cupboard or the wooden window frames- your guests would love every bit of them.

8.     Rich Timber Interior  

Overall timber presence in the room creates a beautiful earthy feel

This is one magnificent den oozing warmth all over thanks to the rich timber interior. The overall timber presence in the room creates a beautiful earthy feel along with the stone fireplace.

9.   Eclectic Drawing Room

Drawing room with a fine mix of high timber presence

This drawing room looks really eclectic with a fine mix of high timber presence and the stone walls. The artistic timber framed glass centre table is an absolute charm and your guests would always remember such an elegant reception.

10.   Angular Window Frames

Stylish and sophisticated window frames

The angular window frames speak of style and sophistication whilst duly matched with the overall timber interior, right from the timber ceiling to the walls. The differences in timber hint works wonders for this space.

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