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The Scandinavian way of Designing Interiors

The Scandinavian way of Designing Interiors that show inspirational result. According to Wikipedia, Scandinavian design emerged as masters of design after winning the Lunning Prize for designs from 1951-1970. This established their reputation as masters of the field of design from furniture to planning the interiors of a home. It could also be stated that these designs appealed because of their simplicity, beauty, durability and most important their affordability. They have also introduced some modern furniture designs that addresses the current needs of people like space saving shelves, stack-able chairs and even beds have been instilled with some practical use other than for sleeping. We’ve come up with some examples of some of Scandinavia’s best interior designs for you to draw inspiration from.

 1. Brown Wood Paneling in Dark

Brown Wood Paneling in Dark

The dark brown wood panels used on the ceiling are a fantastic design and blends beautifully with the black sofa and chair. The unpainted wood tables used in the center and side are wonderful designs and gave this living room a character of its own.

 2. Long Wooden Table

Long Wooden Table

The long wooden table looks fabulous in this dining room design. The wooden chairs of varying colors made this room lively and cheerful. The ornate chandelier somehow fitted in and the bicycle on the wall is a nice touch.

 3. Scandinavian Style Interiors Warm

Scandinavian Style Interiors Warm

The numerous windows gave natural lighting and brightened up this white kitchen. Cabinets all around the kitchen made it look neat and compact yet look great at the same time.

 4. Dining and Living Blends

Dining and Living Blends

This is a great design for small spaces. The living room blends naturally to the dining area and the use of a long white bench as a divider is a fantastic idea. The large area rug is a great accent to the living room.

 5. White Scandinavian Apartment

White Scandinavian Apartment

The white interior of this bedroom looks fantastic. The stove beside the bed is a great idea for cold nights. Cabinets for clothes and shoes made this room look uncluttered.

 6. Office in the Room

Office in the Room

White is always a great color to use as interior paint as it blends with anything. This white bedroom with a home office inside it is a lovely design. The huge mirror placed against the wall made the small bedroom bigger and the stove on the hallway is fantastic.

 7. Kitchen with Big Refrigerator

Kitchen with Big Refrigerator

This is a great design for homes, apartments or condominiums with limited space. The picture window gave natural lighting and highlighted the white wood table with red siding. The black and white wood chairs contrasted beautifully and made this kitchen and dining room look fantastic.

 8. Relaxing Scandinavian Bathroom Designs

Relaxing Scandinavian Bathroom Designs

This small white bathroom looks fantastic. The long mirror helps to make it look big and the floating toilet seat and sink are great designs.

 9. Check board Tiles

Checkboard Tiles

The black and white checkerboard design on the floor tiles provided the oomph to this dining and kitchen area. It also contrasted beautifully with the white interiors and image looks beautiful.

10. Great Small Kitchen

Great Small Kitchen

This is a design for a small kitchen that looks great despite its small size. The black and white tiles blended very well with the black marble counter tops.

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