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Small Personalized apartment interior decorating ideas

Our apartment is an extension of our home. The way we arrange our furniture and design every section of it must replicate the way our true home offers joy and comfort. So how do we extend that homey feeling in our apartment and overcome our homesickness. Here are few of simple ideas that will make us truly enjoy a temporary place to shelter which we can call our own as we take upon ourselves the idea of designing it.

Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us whether by choice or necessity live in smaller apartments. We often get the feeling that some of the projects we present on Faburous don’t get the attention they deserve. And the ideas presented in these 10 small apartments designs below are definitely worth a second look. We know most of you are looking for clever ways to enhance space in your home, more Small Personalized apartment interior decorating ideas which is why we decided to put this post together.

1. Choose light and small furniture pieces.
 small apartment interior design

• Since some apartments cannot be that big and luxurious, you can make it a homey place by picking pieces of furniture all in small size to make your place look neat and big just like the image below.

2. Design your place with bright and moving colours.

interiors of an apartment
• The cozy feeling of the room as pictured below is brought about its multi-bright colours. It creates fullness in every spot of the room. Every piece of furniture points you to a nice spot where you can do your everyday activities. The pervading pink colour complements with light orangey browny colour of the storage baskets and the study table’s chair.

3. Create a classy design to your own small room.

classy design to your own small room
• Who would believe that this small room can be converted to classy and sleek look? The choice of every quite a large piece of the room is placed exactly where it fits. It is accentuated by three hanged frames that truly complement with the beautiful ceiling fan with a lamp that can give warm and classy mood despite the room space is so small. Every piece a bedroom needs is there, the yellow colour lamps at the side of the tables create unusual glow that makes it more homey and cuddly.

4. Provide a perspective of continuity.

grey living room design

• This small area did not end with breaks despite black colour projects an edgy line around the furniture, that chair facing the glass window and the two large frames serving as two eyes of the room. Placing all pieces that partially leans at the right side creates a wider and fuller perspective which allows energy’s mobility to just run continuously around the room.

5. Optimize the irregular shape of the room.

5. Optimize the irregular shape of the room.

• The unusual shape of a room must not limit how you plan to maximize your room space. The narrow way from the door welcomes you to a wider space and makes you stop at the counter right at the bar side where it serves as kitchen too.

6. Create a spark of division in one area of the room.

• Carving out a neat space of your own privacy room like the picture below makes you accessible to all section areas of your whole apartment.

7. Assign a nook where you can do your hobby.

white office design
• If writing is your passion, this simple yet elegant study area with the white shelves atop study table welcomes you a new writing experience. You enter a world of your own, respected and alone tinkering with idea of the next book to write about.

8. Break the monotonous colour of the room.

white off with storage furniture
• To give your room a more pleasant look , create a spark of subdued yet lively colours accessorizing your apartment space. That nicely hanged frame on the wall with a mixed paint of pink and lavender colours give this room an interesting look. It is further complemented with different pillow size and colour with pink see-through vase, making the room go beyond humdrum feeling that monochrome colour gives.

9. Designate a functional small place where you can create your own statement.

• What about a unique way of sharing your personal and momentous experience to your very own special guest or friend by hanging out those pieces of frames that exhibits places you have been too or photographs that relive your sweet memories. A tea or coffee further sends you to an intimate conversation.

10. Go with simple and minimalist design.

Clean-minimalist living room design
Choosing simple straight edge that runs alongside of each of the furniture creates uniformity. All these pieces of furniture and accessories rectangular in shape exude a non-depleting energy which is complemented by an abstract table centrepiece. That empty end of space can be transformed to a minimal look suited to be a welcoming and entertain nook.

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