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Shelving Ideas for your Home

Just imagine how difficult it would be if your home had no storage space , things would just be cluttered everywhere and no sense of organisation wold be there. In this post you get to see how you can use creative shelving as storage to store things in an organised manner. There are various  shelving designs for various rooms of your home interiors for different purposes.

Shelves are the very essential type of storage location for a home. They especially are used to accommodate decorative pieces, books, framed photos, and other knick knacks in living rooms and bedrooms. However, shelving units are just as needed as storage area in the kitchen as in the living room. They can be used to house jars of sugar, salt, even plates and other glass wares. Here is a list of Shelving Ideas you can take ideas from for your shelving units at home.

  1. vases and figurines

vases and figurines

For living rooms it can be good to have wall shelves for books and other decorative pieces such as vases and figurines. This way you keep those breakable things away from children and keep books safe from being torn by them. Also wall shelving units are practical and save lots of floor space. Go for unusual designs and create patterns through the shelving units.

  1. Magazine Shelving Unit

 magazine rack

Have a separate rack for magazines that look like those in the magazine and newsstands. Display latest issues from your magazine subscription this way instead of accumulating them and putting them under the coffee table.  This magazine rack can also act as a separator for your living room and other areas in your house.

  1. Bedroom closet with shelving

bedroom shelving

In bedrooms, shelving units can be in wall types or the cabinet type. For cabinet shelving units you don’t necessarily have to have drawers and doors. You can have those baskets that fit well into the shelving units to easily change the look of your cabinet. Bedroom shelves are often used to store shoes and clothes, also books and other knick knacks usually found in a room.

  1. Skateboards Wall Shelves Kids Bedroom

skate board sheliving

Bedroom shelves can also be made of other ingenious and artistic materials. If you have skateboards that your children don’t use anymore convert those into wall shelving units. Just attach and secure those to the walls through screws and the result would be amazing shelves using recycled materials.

  1. Home office Shelving

home office shelves

For the home office or study area it is important to have shelves with bigger capacity to hold books and other study or office paraphernalia. Arrange books according to types or by alphabetical order. Make sure that the shelves in this area are neat and organized to prevent workplace stress.

  1. White L shape desk with storage

shelving above office desk

For the study or work area it is usual to find wall storage or shelves right above the table. This makes it easier to reach for the study or work materials that you’d need. You can also have shelves and drawers under your table for office and study supplies like pens and papers. Shelves make the study or work table cleaner, as it’d be easier to work with a clear table.

  1.  Bathroom Shelves

shelving as storage space

The bathroom is also another area in your home wherein a shelf can be of great help. Have racks for bathroom towels of different sizes, tissue rolls, and bathroom supplies. Having wall shelves is great especially if you have a small spaced bathroom.

  1. Small Bathroom Shelves For Towels

shelves beside toilet

Have small shelves in different levels to organize your towels and other bathroom essentials. For the lower level wall shelves you can put in a box for your soaps and shampoos. A level higher you can put sanitary pads, toothbrush, or other stuff. This way you can easily locate and reach for the supplies that you want.

  1. Kitchen Shelves

shelves in the kitchen

Kitchen wall shelves are often used for storage of glass wares. Kitchen shelves should be sturdy and wide to make it a safe place to store your plates and bowls. Also make sure that the level that you can easily reach for contains items that you use daily. This way you don’t need to reach up to the higher level shelves as they should be reserved for glass wares used only for special occasions.

10. Pantry Shelving

pantry shelving

The pantry should also organized by shelves. It would be easier to locate supplies such as vinegar or boxes of pasta if the pantry is arranged according to the type of supplies per shelf unit. Also a pantry with shelf units can be easily cleaned and you are sure that supplies are safe form rats and other insects.

Shelves are perfect storage spaces as they can enable organization and maintain cleanliness and order in the different parts of the household. There is lots of shelving design that you can take ideas from especially because shelves can be easily designed to fit the home owner’s wishes.

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