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Shelve Storage Display Ladder Ideas

The space issues so common with contemporary apartments have led to the realization of a number of space saving ideas. While some of the ideas focus on creating multifunctional space saving furnishing, there are others that concentrate on making existing structures more functional. The shelve storage display ladder design is apt echo of the latter part of the sentence mentioned before. It’s a smart thought no doubt where you can create space saving solutions with your dear old ladder only. There are varied ways to use your ladder as a space saver storage- you can fix shelves in between the ladder steps or else you can tie up your things like socks, clothes, etc. In case you are having space issues in your home as well, your ladder will be really handy in its dual role of a storage solution.

The post here is a brief on the different interesting shelve storage display ladder ideas.

1.   Christmas Décor And Presents Tied To The Steps

Plain looks magical with your Christmas décor

This otherwise plain looks magical with your Christmas décor and presents tied to the steps. It’s not only a fantastic décor idea but the theme can be used for storing your knick knacks like socks and handkerchiefs etc.

2.   Simple Yet Smart Storage

Simple yet smart storage idea with old everyday ladder

This is one simple yet really smart storage idea with your old everyday ladder. With wide shelves attached to the steps, the ladder has transcended into a resource of eclectic show pieces for your classy living space.

3.   Gorgeous Contemporary Space

Contemporary space with a cool coastal theme

This is one of the best ways to use the ladder as a functional storage solution. The broad white steps have made comfortable space for the beautiful collectibles like photo frames and flower vases while the last step serves as a desk base.

4.   Beautiful Use Of Ladder Shelve

Beautiful use of ladder shelves to create contrast in the room

The ladder assures a dual role of climb support and storage with its broad steps that conveniently store your artsy collections, baskets and flower pots- you will love to flaunt it in the living.

5.   Ladder Shelf Placed At One Corner Of The Room

The ladder assures a tidy ambience for the space

The ladder-shelf placed at one corner of the room assures a tidy ambience for the space, ensuring enough area to store the necessary knick-knacks so that they are always at a handy distance for you.

6.   Pristine Ladder

Contemporary living room

The pristine ladder here serves as a nice show sanctuary for your treasured collections like the cute bottles, the little green indoor plant and other knick-knacks.

7.   Two Wooden Ladders


Two wooden ladders placed adjacent to each other

Two wooden ladders placed adjacent to each other and bridged by long shelves make a functional and really edgy storage solution for a study and living. You can utilize the storage for almost anything, be it books or lamps.

8.   Contemporary Space With A Cool Coastal Theme


Pristine ladder matches perfectly with the coastal theme

The pristine ladder matches perfectly with the coastal theme of the room and its wide steps form excellent storage spaces for anything, from flower vase to pen stands.

9.   Old Ladder As The Display Unit

Contemporary living room

If your living space is too small to make space for a show-piece cupboard, use your old ladder as the display unit, just like the one in the picture. Your guests will appreciate the extraordinary idea.

10.   Dark Ladder Doubling Up As The Storage Shelf

Open plan living space

The dark ladder doubling up as the storage shelf makes the otherwise plain corner all the more interesting. You can use the ladder steps for anything you wish to display be it a fancy toy or artsy flower vase.

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