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Sensational decorative fireplace ideas

Sensational decorative fireplace ideas is surely a powerful asset for you.  There was a time when all homes got to have a fireplace to bring heat not only to the living room but to other parts of the home. The advent of electricity changed all that. Fireplaces became decorative things in the living room, no longer used for the inconvenience of having to light up a fire and the fire hazard that it caused. Today, fireplaces are again making a comeback as one of the most valued decor in the house. Electric fires could now be used in fireplaces and the design of having a fireplace in the living room is a big plus.

Here are some decorative ideas we’ve compiled that would surely make your fireplaces sensational.

1. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Stacking logs inside this white fireplace made it look fantastic. The simple design is now the focal point of this living room and gave it a personality.

2. Living Room Suitcase

Living Room Suitcase

The two pictures here show great designs to use on a fireplace that is no longer used as one but lovely as a decor in the living room. Suitcases stacked and decors like mirrors or pictures on the mantel made the living room look fabulous.

3. Plywood Fake It

Plywood Fake It

This small fireplace got a boost in image and even became the focal point right after it got an updated look. Placing candles inside it made it look like there is a small fire inside the fireplace.

4. Decorative White Fireplace

Decorative White Fireplace

This white fireplace looks elegant with the decors that were placed on it. The statues placed on the mantel and at the fireplace’s entrance made the room look sensational.

5. White Fireplace Concept

White Fireplace Concept

This white fireplace’s entrance was cemented up and open shelves attached to it and effect now is amazing. The shelves also gave storage space and putting plants on the mantel is a fantastic accent.

6. Modest TV and Fireplace

Modest TV and Fireplace

You would not even know that this was a fireplace before. Flanking open shelves built on it and putting a TV on the mantel changed the image drastically but to a great design. An additional small black cabinet placed in the entrance of the fireplace made the living room look sensational.

7. Bricks Fireplace Ideas

Bricks Fireplace Ideas

The combination of red bricks and white painted wood made this non functional fireplace the focal point of this living room. A big picture over the mantel and some decors in the entrance of the fireplace made it look fantastic.

8. Elegant Living Room

Elegant Living Room

The fireplace got an updated look and now functions as a real one. This made the living room look elegant and fabulous.

9. Gigantic Television

Gigantic Television

The giant TV took the place of a real fireplace and looks fantastic. The mantel above the fireplace also became a great spot to put decors. The whole design made this living room look amazing.

10. Spacious Living Room Decoration with Fireplace

Spacious Living Room Decoration with Fireplace

Nothing beats a real fireplace that has a roaring fire on it. This white living room got a great boost in image for the fireplace. It now looks elegant and cozy and warm. The wicker basket holding the logs is a nice accent.

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