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10 Scarf Storage Ideas

If you’re a scarf lover, you will know how difficult it can be to keep a track of your scarves if they’re not stored properly, making them difficult to find.

Whether they’re hidden away in drawers, hanging on your wardrobe or shown off on shelves, give your scarves a specific home in your home to stop them being snagged and torn, or becoming creased. If you have beautiful scarves made from gorgeous fabrics, show them off instead of hiding them away.

Proper scarf storage also makes it easier to select a scarf. Compare colours, sizes, and fabrics super quickly and easily, without raking around to find the perfect one. Scarves can be a pesky to store, but luckily we have found some beautiful and intelligent solutions for anybody looking to give their scarves a special home:

1. Dedicated Shelving

Small shelving unit

Show off your scarves and give yourself easy access to your piles by adding a small shelving unit to your bedroom for accessories only.

2. Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are added to shallow drawers

For smaller, thinner scarves, add drawer dividers to shallow drawers to bring order you the way you store your accessories.

3.  Acrylic Scarf Storage

Modern, clear storage design

Acrylic storage is super fashionable today, and we can see why. Modern, clear design makes it easy to see what’s inside, and it means that your scarves aren’t hidden from the world. Plan your outfits ahead by wrapping jewellery to a scarf, also keeping things tidy.

4. Staggered Wooden Drawers

Clean lines and light wood give it a modern feel

For easy access to your accessories and a great way to show off your style, add staggered open drawers like these. Clean lines and light wood give it a modern feel, which is also super functional.

5. Wicker Storage

Add stylish storage to a bedroom or dressing room

Wicker baskets are an easy way to add stylish storage to a bedroom or dressing room. Larger boxes make a great home for larger and thicker scarves!

6. Accessories Wardrobe

Wardrobe with hangers for scarves

If you have space available, create your own accessories wardrobe with hangers for scarves and shelves for belts and jewellery.

 7. Acrylic Drawer Dividers

Acrylic dividers to your drawer maintain the modern and clean feeling

If fashion is as important to you as having clever storage, add acrylic dividers to your drawer to maintain the modern and clean feeling.

 8. Quirky Storage Buckets

Vintage style dogtooth buckets

For quirky storage that stands out and takes up space on a desktop or set of drawers, go for something similar to these vintage style dogtooth buckets.

9. DIY Drawer Dividers

Personalised drawer dividers

If you’re after a bit or order in your drawers but style isn’t a priority as your drawers are only seen by you, create your own dividers with some thick cardboard. You can personalise them to the exact size you require.

10. Bright Temporary Drawers

Add temporary bright drawers to the bottom of your wardrobe

If you’re looking to add a bit of colour or fun to your home, add some temporary bright drawers to the bottom of your wardrobe. They’re easy to build, available in infinite sizes and colours and easy to move.

When it comes to storage, it’s important to find the right balance between fashion and function. Storage is subjective to all of us and what works for one person might not work for everybody else.

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