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Most Useful Applications for Designing a Room

Most Useful Applications for Designing a Room are seen here. Creating the design for your room needs a lot of thinking and you may find yourself doing sketches. Some use pen and paper and when the design is not good enough the paper will be crumpled and thrown into the trash. This creates a lot of trash and waste a lot of paper. And you can never dismiss the idea that your previous design might be better but it was already too late because you already throw it to the trash.

To prevent this, there is a lot of room layout software you can use that are for free and here are some of the outputs that they can provide you.

1. Deco 3D Room Planner

Deco 3D Room Planner

The picture below shows the working area of the My Deco 3D Room Planner. This software lets you create any room design you want just by selecting furniture and layout from the categories and dragging them into the workplace.

2. IKEA Home Planner

IKEA Home Planner

The next software is the IKEA Home Planner. Below is the working area of the said software. It looks simpler than the first one mentioned and easy to use. Just choose any objects in the catalog and include in your design. It can then calculate the cost of the renovation or construction of the room.

3. Realistic Design

Realistic Design

If you wanted a design application that looks more realistic than the first two layout software above, then you can choose Design My Room. This software has the working area that looks like what is displayed in the picture. It allows you to apply texture for your cabinets, floorings and walls which creates the realistic output.

4. Homestyler


If you want something more reliable, you can always try the Homestyler. This application, as shown below, is created by the same company that developed AutoCAD which is known for creating designs for blueprints.

5. Magic Plan

Magic Plan

For Apple users, you can use, Magic Plan. A software that you download using iTunes and can use to create a room design of your own. You can save it for future use and have it printed when you are done. Once downloaded you can create the picture below.

6. Floor Plan Creator

Floor Plan Creator

For android tablet users, you can use Floor Plan Creator that can easily be downloaded. All you need to do is access your Android stores and look for the room layout software, install and start using it just like in the picture.

7. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D

The working are of Sweet Home 3D is shown below. You can add details on your objects and discover more about your design.

8. SmartDraw


The picture below is taken to feature SmartDraw. A room layout application where you have everything you need.

9. BeLight Live Interior 3D

BeLight Live Interior 3D

The realistic design below is created by BeLight Live Interior 3D for Macintosh computers. It have detailed color and perfect design.

10. Google Sketch

Google Sketch

Lastly, you can use Google Sketch up which has the output just like the picture below. It is free, easy to use and you have everything you need to create whatever room designs you would want to have.

With all these applications, you will get everything you need to design your room.






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