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Modern Moscow Two Storey House Interiors

The interior design of a two-storey cottage from glued beams with a total area of 289 square meters in Moscow, Russia. It has Zen calming sort of character and cool brown colours. What is more inspiring about this house is the beautiful interior design. The interiors feature a minimalistic style of furniture arrangement and decorations around the home.  The house is perfect for a family home with with children as there is lots of open space for the kids to play around with. The house has a modern architecture feel and lots of contemporary furniture and features.

As you scroll down the post you will see the floor plan idea of this Modern Moscow Two Storey House which gives the outline of how this house was built from scratch.

Modern Minimalist Living room interiors

living room interiors

When we look at the living room in this way it shows us how minimalistic living room interiors are. It is modern and everything in it looks modern and the living room walls and the big bay windows adds style to the room.

Other side of the Living Room has unique Fireplace

Living room with fire place

Living room has a big L-shaped contemporary sofa and another 3 seater sofa in cream white fabric . The zebra rug in between sofas matches with the chair cushions and the two dining space chairs in kitchen.

Looking at the living room interiors from above

living room

A clear view of the living room design from above. It shows the complete arrangement off furniture  and the space left to use around the room.

Modern kitchen design

modern kitchen design

The kitchen design shows a clear view of kitchen ceilings and fitted cabinets and the two countertop areas in which one has the cooker on and the other one is used as a bar area.

Kitchen has Island with bar chairs

kitchen design

A closer look of the kitchen design shows that there is the kitchen cabinets with built in cooker on top and the simple designed kitchen island countertops with granite worktops.

Kitchen is Combined with dining Space

Kitchen dining room

This a kitchen and with cabinet and a dining table opposite the kitchen island. The wooden walls of he kitchen and dining room goes well with the brown dining room furniture together with the zebra prints dining chairs.

Pink And white Girls bedroom design style

Pink Girl bedroom design

Spare bedroom suitable for a teenage girl use. One side of the wall on where the headboard faces is a nice pink and white flora wallpaper use to decorate the wall. The floor on where the bed sits on has a comfortable carpet whichhelps keep the room warm and stylish. The bed is simple and as two bedside tables with lamps and the side walls are painted in pink while the ceiling is painted white.

Master bedroom interiors

Master bedroom interiors

A master bedroom with minimal furniture but remains with a powerful interior design with the use of a box divan bed, bed side tables with lamp and a nice wooden cabinet with doors.  Instead of using a separate table for the TV screen display, the cabinet in the bedroom was used to put it on top giving the bedroom lots of space for fresh air.

Lime Green and white themed bathroom

lime and white themed bathroom

This bathroom has a really sweet design and artistic decoration through the way it is painted , remodelled and the wooden wall use.  The walls are made of wood, a bathroom mirror with lime green tiling around it was carefully used to give the bathroom a unique look. And when you look at the tow contemporary sinks ,you just love the design, the table space where there wash basins are placed is a floating table that leaves plenty of space below to use.

Idea of House Floor Plan And layout.

house Plan Layout

Floor plan outlines the way the foundation of the this two storey Moscow house was planned and finally put into action and became a real life property. It gives a general idea of the house plan and floor. Bbut you ever wanted a house like this, you would have to have it well sketched by professional architects who will then give you the blue print of the house plan of your dream.

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