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Modern Japanese Interior Design

The modern Japanese home interior designs do not forget its authenticities. Japanese culture is well known for its great creative spirit. The minimalist house concept that we know nowadays is notably inspired by the traditional Japanese house design which is characterized by the simplicity and openness. The Japanese home designs are no less interesting than the one in European countries. It will be very useful if you are among those who have the soul of art and the desire to have an artistic minimalist house which is also environment friendly.

1.   Midcentury Deck


Deck with panelled wooden flooring

The panelled wooden flooring with an l-shaped frame with pebbles looks great. The interconnection of the exterior and interior is beautiful with the right amount of trees and light.

2.   Clean And Minimalist Room

 Hanging light has a Japanese touch to it

A clean and minimalist looking room. A soft beige headboard that is high looks good with a low side table and a hanging light that has a Japanese touch to it. The cushions and pillows are all in cream, beige and patterns of the same.

3.   Japanese Interior Design Wooden Stairway

Stairway leads you to a transparent door to the outside

The wooden stairway leads you to a transparent door to the outside. The door provides you with a clear view of the outside. The use of pebbles and large stones gives a cold feeling and lightens the dark colours inside.


4.   Classic Japanese Designed Bathroom

Bathroom with low bench with clean shutters

The room is a classic Japanese design. Low bench with clean shutters. The tiles match well with no fuss look of the room. Just the right amount of light on the mirror and ceiling.

5.   Well Utilized Hallway

A panel of wood has been used for the ceiling as well with a light

A hallway that has been well utilized. A panel of wood has been used for the ceiling as well with a light to complement the decor of the room. A simple table in one corner with one chair and desktop and some storage space. One side has clear doors where you can see what’s outside is an ideal place for someone to work in peace.

6.   Smaller Shower


Dark wood wall colour enhances the white tub and sink

A smaller shower ensures that you save more water and hence this one is surely made with the same idea. The use of dark wooden color for all the walls enhances the white tub and sink. It also provides better introspection of light from above.


7.   Wooden Deck

Wooden deck with cut lines

It’s a wooden deck with cut lines. The tress are sleek and high and soften the look of the walls. The table and chairs are simple in black and white but look fantastic.


8.   Wooden Kitchen

Kitxhen with wood furniture

All wood furniture is what the room’s concept is. The cabinets, the shelves, the table, the flooring are all a playful mix of wood and its different shades.


9.   Elegant And Sophisticated Bedroom

Bedroom with shades of purple

Mixing the shades of purple makes the room looks more elegant and sophisticated. It is a narrow room where the furniture has been placed very correctly so that there is still ample space left for walking. The blinds on the window go well with the Japanese concept.

10.   Split Living Area

Living area with double walls

It is a split living area with double walls. The room has a Japanese styled paper walls in the room with a beautiful color palette. It is beautiful mix of color and depth in different materials.

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