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Unique Modern House Design in Little Venice London

House Little Venice is a home built in Little Venice London . It is an elegant urban industrial Victorian Style Coach House.  It is a careful restoration of the red brick coach house. It has been modernized and has a unique modern design twist at the rear. The materials used in building this house are matte black zinc with some decorative stones for the exteriors, exposed timber trusses, brickwork, steelworks and polished concrete combines with black brickwork.
The house has a post Industrial design setting with exposed structure and mechanics. It also has a structural glass floor. The interior design of the house has been carefully planned and is of minimalist design in nature.
Be inspired as you look through the photo tour of this modern house design with inspirational home ideas.

 decorative stones

Exterior walls made of black zinc wall cladding ,bricks ,concrete and stones. Nice decking nearby the doors leading to the kitchen and living room.

living room and dining

Open floor plan for the living room,kitchen and dining . The interiors have exposed timber trusses and have been decorated with a rustic wood dining table , modern living room furniture and modern kitchen .

House Little Venice

Living room and kitchen area wall shows London stock brick work and unfinished steelworks. Beautiful lighting in dining and living area.

big window

Big hydraulic pivoting wall of glass and a large skylight that brings in natural light to the interiors.


Hanging Metal bar with hanging with round bulb like light which looks stunning and decorative in dining area.

brick wall

Massive pivoting brick wall finished in engineering brickwork linking to the private and public areas


Exposed timber trusses retained and restored to provide a bedroom suite in a theatrical dark space featuring double height walls and a double height Victorian style fireplace. The glass doors bring in plenty of natural light to the bedroom.

 underground library

A slab of structural glass in the floor of the main living space allows natural light and provides a visual link to an underground library and screening room below.

house plan

Floor plan

Cross section of the house revealing the different areas including a basement. Also the picture shows the floor plan of House Little Venice in an area of London Called Little Venice.

The beauty of this modern home combined with Victorian vintage twist is the work of  James Wells Architects who focuses in Architectural and interior design in London.

Her prowess in writing inspired her to continuously engrave her ideas and gracefully illustrate the dream stored in her heart and mind. Despite of her busy schedule, she manages to work and use her vacant time for her hobby. Follow Olleria on Google+.

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