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Inspirational Zen room design small spaces

Inspirational Zen room design inspires you to create extra ordinary room atmosphere and cool surroundings. Changing the look of your home once in a while can do wonders to how your home appears and hence your mood. Now, a Zen inspired look is a perfect pick if you are looking for options to do up a small space. With its Asian inspired earthy touches, this decor alternative adds a lot of grace to any home decor. It includes lot of small elements which enhances to look of any space.

Of course, you need to decorate your room for future visitors and at least you have something to be proud of. With the new trending designs and crafts, you can use them to beautify your room. Not just make it pretty but also to make you feel in your place. Like after work, you are eager to go home for refreshment and excitement.

Read on for further insight on how to do up a small space in your home with an inspirational Zen design.

1. Perfect Bed with Scanty Space

Perfect Bed with Scanty Space

This look is perfect for any bedroom which has scanty space. A low setting bed is quintessential to a Zen decor which is perfectly complimented by an end table in white. The entrance and wardrobe slide doors are sleek and space saving. The hanging paper lanterns complete the look.

2. Asian designed Room

Asian designed Room

Just because your bathroom lacks space, doesn’t mean you can glam it up. This decor is all about using subtle shades and different Asian elements. The Buddha statue adds a lot of elegance to the decor, which further compliments the dark wooden furniture with a touch of the orient. Bamboo baskets, shells and potted plants are perfect add-ons.

3. Zen Inspired Room

Zen Inspired Room

This Zen inspired look is all about Orient design at its best. The elaborate wall hanging has the look of a maze to it while the chandelier gives an Asian look to the decor. The bed features a simple design with white bedding and beige and floral design pillows.

4. Minimalistic Elements

Minimalistic Elements

Perfect for a bathroom with scanty space, this decor is all about minimalistic elements. The wash basin features a deep oval shape which sits on a marble slab, in front of a mirror with plain edges. A potted plant with a cherry blossom brings all the elements together.

5. Glassy Windows and Doors

Glassy Windows and Doors

This decor lets in a lot of sunlight with its glass windows and doors. The bed is low set with a modest headboard in white. The bed back wall featuring an orient design in blocks adds to the room’s grandeur.

6. Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom

This contemporary bathroom has strong Oriental look to it with use of lots of wooden accessories. The mirror featured in front of the wash basin has a broad frame in wood while the rectangular photo frame on the other wall features 3 shell images.

7. Narrow Hallway Designed Room

Narrow Hallway Designed Room

If you have a narrow hallway, this Zen inspirational design is just apt. An oriental rug adorns the floor while the racks beside the simple seating arrangement feature bamboo baskets for that extra dash of Asian feel. Throw cushions, flower pots, etc add to the look.

8. Wooden Wall Styled Room

Wooden Wall Styled Room

The focus of this bathroom decor is the wooden wall hangings with a look of Orient to it. The flower plot features a cherry blossom branch print which adds to the Asian feel. Dark wooden furniture with sleek design has been used to save space.

9. Minimalistic Stone Work

Minimalistic Stone Work

This bathroom decor is minimalistic and features a lot of stone work. The drawers are in wood with a matt finish which the mirror is without any frame. A stone Buddha statue sits quietly on a granite slab.

10. Deep Basic Shaped Tub

Deep basic shaped tub

The focus of this bathroom decor is the deep basic shaped tub in natural stone. The rest of the decor compliments this with its dark stone work, metal statue featuring Asian deity and wooden slabs.



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