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Inspirational Contemporary House With Amazing Interior Room Designs

The bangalow design designs are by far the better house designs as there is no use of high staircases to get in and out of the house. They can be good as for people who are over 50 as one does need to use lift to go upstairs.
The above contemporary house design looks stunning at night as it has plenty of light during the night. they pitchen roof design gives it a unique architectural pattern . The outside appearance of the house has an echo frienly feel due to he well arranged flowers planted outside and palm tree which gives it a holiday feel.
The cream white colour paint used for the outside wall gives it a clean contemporary presantation. The wooden door used for the front door adds on the elegant design of the modern house design

        Contemporary Cream White Living room inteior Design

a living room covered in white

Contemporary Cream White Living room inteior Design with decorating flowers on the coffee table. To minimise victorian space they have used the victorian style arm chare for furnitue,cream white realxing sofa with chocolate cursion on it. The Interior design of the living room has enough space for more furniture and also provides enough space for sameone to move free around the house from one side to another without bumping into any furniture.The furniture used in this living room is all contemporary which makes the interior look good.      outstanding.beside the sofa there is cream white lamp shade stand,it has The arch door shapes are also unique and give the living room distinguished contemporary style. There are pictures on the wall,cream white curtains and green flowers on each corner of the room which makes the room look more colourful.


nice-bed with a white cover

a master bedroom covered with nice bed shit and enaugh pilos to use,and on the wall there is good picture frames with nice picture of frowers on them. on the other side there are to chairs with nice decorated flowers.a room is designed good with two drowers.the veiw from the out side looks beautiful.

                              A BATHING ROOM WITH TWO NICE BATHING TOURS

a bathing room with a two white bathing tours

a bathing room with two white bathing tours.there is enaugh space inside the bathing room it as a good bathing tabu.decorated flowers in white and grean also a chair for relaxing a room is painted with cream white paint.

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