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How to Use the Space under Stairs as Storage

In houses nowadays it is usual to find space that is renovated into storage spaces, as more and more stuff comes inside the house. The space under stairs can be a very good place for storage. You can turn it into a closet to store stuff that needs to be kept in an organized and uncluttered manner. It is also a very innovative idea to use the space under your stairs as a space for established storage. Here are very cool ideas on how to use under stairs shelving areas wisely.

  • Closet for shoes and coats

You can put the space under the stairs to good use by turning it into a shoe/coat closet. This way you don’t have shoes and coats lying or hanging around your living room area, making it look much cluttered. You can also put your other knickknacks like sporting goods in this closet space.

1. Storage Ideas or mall spaces under stairs

small space storage ideas

This idea is also very practical as you take off space in your bedroom closets for coats and shoes that you use daily. You can also store your bags and office paraphernalia, or in your child’s case school bags in the shelving unit with your coats.

2. Under Stairs Shelves Shoe Storage

shelving for under storage space

Or you can also turn it into a real closet space for your towels and other stuff that can’t fit into your bedroom closet.

3. Pulling drawers under stairs storage

stylish understairs pulling drawer storage

You can have different drawers with different sizes and levels for all your storage needs. And with a drawer type storage space you can easily take out stuff just by pulling drawer and pushing them back again.

  • Wine storage space

In lieu of a wine cellar, which usually takes lots of space, you can turn your under stairs into a space for storing wine and other beverages.

4. Wine Under Stairs Storage.

wine storage ideas for understairs

You can either have it designed like the photo above, which contains small shelves for each wine bottle and then you can also have the whole wine storage space covered with a door. This way you keep those wine bottles away from the hands of your children.

5. Under Stairs Storage with Glass Window

glass windows stairs storage

  • Hanging wall shelves for ornaments and decorative breakable pieces

You can also use under stairs shelving for all your ornaments and decorative pieces. This way you can have a more put together and organized look for your living room area, which is where the stairs is usually located.

6. Understairs Ornament Storage

Understairs Ornament organiser

You can put jars, other decorative figurines, and coffee table books together in those hanging shelves. Mix variety of colors to make it more attractive.

7. Storage Space Stairs

storage space under your stairs

Or if you have your stairs near your dining area, you can put your extra plates and other breakable kitchen wares in a storage space under your stairs. That china sort of comes off as decorative pieces and will enhance the whole look of your shelving space. Just make sure to put glass doors so your children won’t break your china pieces and you have the freedom to still display them prettily.

8.  Understairs Dining Area


  • Bookshelves and home offices

I guess the most popular use for under stairs shelving is for books. You can go along that way and put in a table or a work area. You can create a mini office in that small space.

9. Home Office Under Stairs Storage

work or study table

You can also just use up all the space for the book shelves and just situate a work/study table near that area so that your books can fit in one place.

10. Understairs Living Room

Understairs Living Room ideas

Whatever design you should decide upon just make sure it will help you unclutter your whole house. Also it will help save more space and keeps your stuff more organized than ever. Just try to find concepts in whatever clutter you want to be stored and shelved well.


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