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Include Decor and Crafts into Holiday Celebrations with Your Neighbors

Christmas is the time of the year that brings people together. The holidays are a great occasion to spend time with family, friends, as well as with your neighbors. Make the festivities even merrier by sharing them with as many people as you can. Holiday preparations can be more than tiring house cleaning, stressful shopping and endless cooking. Come up with various upbeat concepts for events you can carry out throughout the season. With a little creativity and some effort, you will be able to spread the Christmas spirit and joy all around your living place.
To help you make Christmas a day to remember for your community, here are some fun holiday ideas to get you started.

1. Christmas decorating competition

Christmas decorating

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You can participate in a competition with other neighborhoods or make one within yours. It may be inconvenient to hold home decorating contest, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make other entertaining holiday competitions. See who will decorate the best Christmas themed door. This decorating contest is a great alternative that will easily get your community into to the festive spirit without investing a lot of time or funds. Plus, it will spare you the domestic cleaning and the after Party Cleaning

The neighbors can also be divided into different decorating teams. Each group will be assigned a small Christmas tree to decorate and later display in a clubhouse or outdoors. This enjoyable decorating activity will give your neighborhood a cheerful look and will prepare you for the upcoming celebrations.

Think about the look of your building. If you feel really inspired, you can get together with your neighbors and decorate the lawns and the façade of your place. From charming Christmas lights and colorful ornaments to gorgeous garlands and displays of festive scenes, you can turn your residence into a Christmas wonderland.

2. Community Potluck

Xmas table decoration

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Potluck is another amazing way to bring people together during the holiday season. Members of the community can make their favorite dish and offer it on your Christmas gathering. This is an opportunity to connect and get to know with your neighbors, as well as to share some good food. You may need to create a committee that will be responsible for the organization of the event, including the decorating, entertainment and of course the cleaning afterwards. Consider some creative ideas to encourage attendance from all your neighbors.

3. Holiday crafts for the youngest members of the community

Christmas decor and gifts

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Those who are mostly excited about the holidays are the children. Don’t forget about youngsters and organize special event for them. For example, you can involve the kids in various crafting projects where they can make Christmas decoration and gifts for their family. This is a great opportunity to get together with other neighboring families and enjoy a little holiday cheer.

4. Christmas Play

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Another way to bring everyone in your building together is by organizing a Christmas play. Members of any age can take part in the preparation. There are a couple of tasks that you need to distribute among the home owners like who will be responsible for decors or who will be in the cast. Be sure the roles are fairly distributed among the members of your community to avoid any arguments.

5. Christmas Carols

Christmas Carol singing

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Nothing can get you into the holiday mood quite like Christmas carols. The classic sing-along carols will add even more joy and cheer to the season.


Article contributed by : Megan Powell


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