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A Guide to Minimalist Interior Designing

 Minimalist Interior Designing

Today’s society offers a lot of choices that crowd our minds that you get confused of what you actually like. Your personal calendars like an old linen tablecloth is designed to have plenty of frills that can actually be made simple by cutting its edges straight and simple. So, how do you make your life less complicated? Subtracting and simplifying are the keys. This is what minimalist interior design can do for your home. It is a place that must be given careful planning and designing. So how do you start adopting this philosophy at home? Take it from the shared simple steps below.

1. Focus on the place where you want to start.

Minimalistr Interior Designing

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white minimalist interiors

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• Take these two images under for example that convert a living room into a place where only the very essentials are grandly showcased. The 2 large sofas give the room wider space. The panoramic TV as the center entertainment piece simply serve what the room can only offer. While the image at the left transform the place as a grand lounge, a soothing area that releases your feeling of exhaustion. The panoramic effect provides a peaceful way to relax and refresh your mind.

2. Retain only the essentials.

minimalist-bedroom ideas

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• Planning for Minimalist Interior Designing means maintaining only what is important to you. It develops a clearer mind that you are able to pinpoint the things where you want to put value on. In this bedroom, (inset at the left) a huge flattened bed is one piece of furniture that goes with two the contrasting color frames that creates a new twist of relaxation as the rays of the sunlight crisply cascade to greet you and remind you of warm day ahead of you. While the other bedroom (inset at the right) only contains single bed with an end table and two hanging lamps that signal balance, making you and your partner both fall soundly asleep.

3. Use simple patterns.


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Minimalist-Interior-Design ideas

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• As the minimalist philosophy promotes less is beautiful. So choosing simple patterns gives bigger effect that even when you use dark color as long as you reduce it to one or two color pattern still holds to maintain that vast space effect of your room.

4. Organize your valued stuff.

minimalist living room

Minimalist white living room interior design with white sofas, rug and bookshelves . The colourful books ,accessories and flowers brings the room to life.

Modern lounger chair in a minimalist aprtment

This kind of chairs could suit well in a minimalist living room combining them with one large sofa and 2 of the these on other sides of the lounge.

• Few things should only be visible to your eye. But giving your living room a genius look or an exhibit look is in the way your organize your precious collections. Look how those books and other collection pieces are encased in built-in shelves. It creates order, a pleasing effect to your very own eyes.

5. Display what you essentially value.

traditional minimalist living room interiors

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minimalist interiors

• Keep in mind that decorations must only have simple effect. So one or two uniquely and simply designed pieces must be present in the room. At the left image, the blending effect of white and red colors produces a vibrant energy to start your work right. With your pet gadget around on top of the table, those two little cute white vases certainly join him. Image at the right, shows that plain letter initial of your name or someone important to you. It reminds you what takes an important place in your heart. Being minimalist doesn’t mean subtracting all the more to make your space bland and empty. It is a sure way to beauty and simplicity.

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