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Giving Your Home Interiors A Modern Design With A Sleek Look

We give our house interiors a  great Modern Design look. We want it stand out and create impact as designing a home builds our identity, our own brand, the way we want to project ourselves to others. Giving your home a modern design look that is plain, clean, and minimal saves you from too many unessential embellishments that accumulate only dusts and dirts. Considering this kind of design is challenge. It supposes to breakaway from the very ornate and intricate house and furniture design. So, here are some ideas to explore to keep up with designing a modern home.

1. Project a wide space

modern room windows

Image by: Realsimple

If you make use of space wisely in a room for example a living room , you could pack a lot of stuff like an L-shaped sofa, coffee table, a nice rug as a centre piece and a dining set within one room. It is good idea to have big wide windows that brings in enough light to make the room bright, that way the room doesn’t look too cramped and form darkness.

White On White Living Room

White on White living room

Image by: Realsimple

• Living in a city can be a cramped space. So building your own nest in this crowded place can give you vast and comfortable space that can only be achieved by the kind of color and furniture you use for your home. Take the magnificent ambience of these two rooms. White is the pervading color. It creates a light sense of feeling that it liberates and gives freedom as the space space provides you a view of the horizon and a peek of the outside where great lights entice you to see.

2. Position your accent.

Metallic Living room interiors

Image by: Realsimple


Image by: Realsimple
• The room though beautiful and bright, it can create blandess without accent being place in the right position. At the inset left, the very center of the room is the mirror hanged between the two small pink lamps. The symmetry intends to guard this mirror at the center, where beauty of the room lies. While the image at the left exudes glow. The green frame with writing on the wall offers variety being placed exactly at the right position on the wall. It attracts attention. It creates a statement.

3. Try a light-colored pattern design.

Bright green sofa furniture

Image by:


Image by: Realsimple
• It is fun to create image pattern inside your mind. It gives a different theme in the living room. But if you want the room to look bigger and cozier, stay safe with something light when toying with abstract patterns so your living room will not leave you in a circuitry of a clown parade but gives you a childlike playful feeling, something that will re-energize you and keep you hig

4. Go floral with simplicity.

floral-blue-room interiors

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formal-living-room interiors


Image by: Realsimple
• Floral design sets a refreshing mood. The left image shows a dark color that complements with a light and simple floral drop down curtain and chair design. The solid blue collar creates a cool shade to a bright sun rays. While the image of a living room at the right makes the flower in a pot create a radiant and sunny attention.

5. Take the square to the center.

• Square table can be an attractive centerpiece. Its geometric form adds daintiness and clealiness to the room. The edges around are straight, giving the surrounding area more space to place other pieces of furniture that are functional and useful.


Image by: Realsimple


Image by: Realsimple

A frosted shade and a lower wattage bulb to create a more calming ambience.

Game Changing
An extra-large coffee table with a feminine shape is the modern take on the traditional game table. Invite friends over for game night; the edge on the table will keep board pieces (and drinks) from sliding onto the floor.

Touch of Trend
Update your living room as you would your wardrobe—with a few new accessories each season. This neutral room is an easy canvas for a few pops of color and pattern—an aubergine throw, a zebra pillow, and a metallic side table.

Sunshine graduated with a Degree of BSIED Drafting Technology. She once dreamed of running her own online business firm and first began writing and designing websites from a young age. She developed a passion for Houses, building and Interior designing and began taking on clients while still in college. ​ Sunshine oversees the creative direction at Sunshine Outsourcing as well as business development. Sunshine's charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our large local client base. Sunshine is very generous and a true leader to her firm and people

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