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10 Fireplace Design Ideas for Everyone

Fireplace Design Ideas for Everyone will definitely gives you an ambiance you have never seen or felt before. A fireplace is defined as an architecture structure that contains fire. Fireplaces are used for comfort and relaxation during the cold season. The ambiance it gives functions as a way of people to relax. As the fire is started, the air inside the chimney gets warmer and lighter. As this happens, the cooler air from inside the house moves into the firebox thus warming the room. The cycle is repeated as the fire burns hot. Fireplaces are equipped with a damper. It is located above the firebox in the bottom of the chimney. For fireplaces to function, it would need a lot of air.

1. Old Brick with Distressed Wood Facade

Old Brick with Distressed Wood Facade

In having a living space, simplicity would be your key. The fireplace is made of old brick with a distressed wood façade while staining the remaining brick to complement the colors of the room. There is a built in firewood rack for storage convenience.

2. Outdated Brick Fireplace

Outdated Brick Fireplace

If you have an outdated brick, it is not really a problem. You can cover it up with white paint to give it a new and fresh touch.

3. Adobe Style  Fireplace

Adobe Style  Fireplace

If you have a brown toned living room, an adobe-style fireplace would suit you. To have a unique and custom look for your fireplace, install glass mosaic tiles frame.

4. Elegant and Transitional Living Room with Fireplace

Elegant and Transitional Living Room with Fireplace

This vibrant elegant and transitional living room has the fireplace as the focal point. The designer made this to standout against the bold colors of the space. Also, it is made to add a formal and custom look.

5. Timber Mantel and  Unique Fireplace

Timber Mantel and  Unique Fireplace

A timber mantel and a unique fireplace tiles create a focal point for this lake-view living room.

6. Rustic Fireplace

Rustic Fireplace

A rustic fireplace adds more beauty to a traditional living room. The green tilting on the bottom, a bold blue wall and tea lights adorning the mantel makes the fireplace the heart of the home.

7. Half Day Design Fireplace with Bookshelf

Half Day Design Fireplace with Bookshelf

Candles can be quite a beauty to add perfection in your fireplace. The hanging candleholders have elegance with a touch of flair to basic stone fireplace.

8. Metallic Fireplace

Metallic Fireplace

Use a great mirror and metallic fireplace accessories to add sophistication and modernity of the living room.

9. Monochromatic Brown Color Fireplace

Monochromatic Brown Color Fireplace

Monochromatic brown color tones in the living space would make the occupant feel calm and soothing. The striped pillow and pony-hair bench bring texture to the room. A mosaic glass tile surrounds the fireplace and it adds height to the space.

10. Outdated Brick Fireplace with Black and  White Painted Lumber

Outdated Brick Fireplace with Black and  White Painted Lumber

Paint the fireplace’s outdated brick with black and attach a white-painted lumber for a clean, crisp fall look. Casual furnishings and a neutral color palette modify the look.

Having a fireplace at home can be for function or style or it can be both. It is not really necessary for a house to have a fireplace but if you live in a city or place that has a cold weather for the most days of the year, a fireplace would be really convenient for you. You can also use the fireplace differently for style and focal point for your homes.



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