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Electric Fireplace Designs to Warm the Heart

Fireplaces are now being replaced by the latest modern innovation, the electric fireplace. This latest design idea does away with the trouble of buying, loading, carrying and lighting wood before you could enjoy a warm fire in your home. This is also safer since it does not emit sparks that could burn your house down. The electric fire could easily be turned on and off and it comes in many designs and colors meant to match the interiors of the home. We’ve come up with some design ideas that may warm your hearts and use this for your home.

1.   Dark Wood Electric Fire

Electric fire blends in with the interior design of the room.

The electric fire is contained in dark wood and simply blends in with the interior design of the room. It spotlighted the television above it and the pure white sofa.

2.   Berliner Living Room Artwork

Electric fireplace is a great contrast to the artwork on the wall

This electric fireplace is a great contrast to the artwork on the wall above it. Its dark color contrasts wonderfully well with the pale beige of the walls.

3.   Living And Kitchen Room Area

Electric fire was sunk in to the wall

The electric fire was sunk in to the wall and this made the gold granite walls to stand out. This could well be a good conversation piece for guests and friends out to visit.

4.    White Fireplace Design

Charalambous navy seating

The white color of the fireplace gave a perfect backdrop to the black television and electric fire that was placed on it. The white furniture added more to the image and made this living room look fabulous.

5.   Burning Fire Image

Electric fire design

The burning fire image that the electric fire gives together with the soft brown color of the furniture made this room warm and inviting. The use of a grey and gold coloured cushioned bench with a tray of wine and two glasses is a romantic touch.


6.   Modern Living Room With Fire Place

Electric fire placed boxed in by two white columns

The electric fire was placed boxed in by two white columns and recedes into the background but still looks great in this white fireplace. The white furniture contrasts wonderfully well with the grey marble table that is in front of the fire. This modern design of a living room with its modern electric fire looks grand.

7.   Dark Electric Fire

Dark electric fire design

This is a great design as the fireplace’s mantel was extended to act as a place to put drinks when entertaining. The use of a dark color for the electric fire and beige for the rest of the fireplace is a perfect contrast that blended seamlessly with the rest of the room.

8.   Electric Fire Encased In Silver

Electric fire encased in silver against a backdrop of a white fireplace

The electric fire that is encased in silver against a backdrop of a white fireplace is awesome. The red cushions of the brown wood chairs provide a perfect contrast that made this room look sleek and modern. 9.


9.   Fireplace With Mantel  Decor

white fireplace

The white color of the fireplace with its arched design is a great backdrop to the dark color of the electric fire. Since this fireplace had a mantel, decors can be placed there to further enhance the beauty of the fireplace.


10.   Modern Electric Fire

Modern electric fire design

This fireplace may look like the fireplace of old but this house has a modern electric fire. The beautiful design of the furniture will blend into any interior scheme.

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