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10 Great Ways To DIY Re-Purpose Old Windows

If you reuse the windows they become more valuable. You must be throwing away you old windows when renovating or when they wear out but instead you could use them in an altogether different way. In this article you shall find ways in which you can re use your old window all over again. With or without glass there are many amazing ways in which you can use them. If you love to design and create things on your own and have love for DIY, then these DIY Re-Purpose Old Windows ideas will be very helpful for you.

1.   Old Window Frames

Old window frames used in the most unique way

Here is how you can use your old window frames in the most unique way. You can use different shapes and sizes one beside the other or on top of each other to make it look like a decorative piece of artwork on the wall.

2.   Old Window Panel

Old window panel handing different pictures and frames

You could use the old window panel to hand different pictures and frames. The picture will give you a more clear idea. You could use strings and clips to hang pictures. It is easy to make and you do not need to make separate frame for each of them.

3.   Old Distressed Window

Old distressed window hunging from a wall

An old distressed window can be hung from a wall and can be used to keep little things. You can get hooks fixed on them which can let you hang keys so that they do not get misplaced. It will add to the decor and as well help in storage.

4.   Old Window Used As A Door Of A Cabinet

You can keep tea pots and cup plates inside

You could use an old window as a door of a cabinet or a shelf. You do not need to add glass or anything. You can keep tea pots and cup plates inside. They will not even look bad and not take up space.

5.   Window Used As A Frame

Frame with different compartments

You could use the window as a frame where there are different compartments and each has a different picture or a writing. It can be kept anywhere on a table and can make the room look beautiful and personal.

6.   Worn And Distressed Window

Antiques and vintage style old window

If you love antiques and vintage style, you can decorate an old table where you keep all your drinks with an old window like this one. The worn and distressed color of thw window is what makes it look so different and nice.

7.   Small Window Used As Monogram

Small window that has glass intact

You could use a small window that has glass intact to make a monogram on it. You could make the first letter of your name say E for Emily on the glass and keep it in your room. It will make you feel connected and people will know that it is your room.

8.   Rustic Old Window

The window  look great and cheap

Instead of installing expensive columns next to the windows you could simply use old windows. They look great and are cheap at the same time. The rustic look it provides to the room is commendable.

9.   Window With Different Sections

You can clean an old window

You can clean an old window and if it has different sections like this one you can personalize it. Write letters or names that you like. You can even write small messages or quotations that suit the room and your personality.

10.   Over Sized Window

The window has been decorated with a ring of fresh flowers

If you want a focal point or a highlight in your room you can use an over-sized window to serve your purpose. The window shown in the picture has been decorated with a ring of fresh flowers and with some candles and plants beside it.











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