Living room with a plant decor
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Decorating Your Home On A Small Budget

Nobody should ever be deterred from planning or beginning an interior design project due to a lack of budget. Learning to create your own soft furnishings can be a lucrative hobby, and even enjoyable, giving you the opportunity to create totally unique and personal items.

It’s also possible to change an entire room’s atmosphere and style by making small and affordable changes.  A fresh lick of paint, new curtains, or a new set of ornaments can totally change how your home looks and feels for you. Planning is by far the most important part of this, so you can be sure that you have the budget available and that you’re going to fall in love with your new interior design.

Here are ten wonderful and inspiring examples of rooms that have been decorated entirely on a very small budget. Take a look for inspiration and ideas to update your own home style:

1. Start With Soft Furnishings

Colorful living room
By adding lots of bold cushions and some soft drapes, this living room instantly gained more colour and a more complete palette.

2. Bring The Outdoors In

Living room with a plant decor
Adding a powerful and dominating plant can change the entire layout and feel of a room.

3. Adding Extravagance

White,blue living room
Adding extravagant and oversized features will completely change the balance of light and colour.

4. Flashes Of Warmth

Living room with orange color accent
If all you’re trying to do is make your room warmer, do like this one and add varying shades of warm orange tones across the room.

5. Reupholstering Furniture

Living room with a fire place
You can reupholster sofas and chairs in your living room to update the colour and texture. It’s cheaper than buying new, and you can keep furniture you’ve loved for years.

6. Be eclectic

Living room with striped curtains
To add more fun to your living room, change your soft furnishings for bolder and more eclectic materials like this funky monochrome stripe.

7. Outdoor Updates

Outdoor patio space
With outdoor decked and patio spaces, invest in a good setting and update your soft furnishings from time to time.

8. More Is More

Living room with minimal wall art
Careful organisation and clever use of wall space can be a good interior design skill to have. Update your small living room with minimal wall art and a few bright colour accents for a flowing theme.

9. Funky Artwork

Bedroom with cute and quirky artwork
Switch up a boring and plain wall by painting frames and adding a selection of cute and quirky artwork,.

10. Add Luxury With Bedding

Contemporary bedroom design
Transform your bedroom into something far more luxurious by adding more texture to your bed furnishings and simple spotlights.

All of these rooms were designed and created in a budget, either from scratch or as part of a quick style update. Don’t be put off by your budget, as it’s easy to achieve your perfect look on any resource, as long as you’re willing to plan and prepare.

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