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10 Creative house warming party decorations Ideas

It’s party time! Food, decoration, music and all that fuss? No need to worry. For your party to be memorable, unique and at the same time not costly, try to think outside the box and create a festive ambiance by some interior house decorating tricks that have a great impact on the space. Entertaining your guests can be done in a lot of simple, yet clever, ideas that are not subcategories of the predictable balloon theme. One major ambiance-transforming factor in any interior or exterior space is lighting. Whether colored lights, lanterns or candles, your house will entirely seem like a new place. You can go for cold colors for a vibrant, young spirit or warm colors for a cozy, romantic mood. Scented candles  will give your party a sensual identity that plays on your guests frame of mind, and infuse a welcoming sensation.


The visual impact can be created by some DIY paper crafts, or a simple floral or candy arrangement. But the main focal point in any celebration will remain the table! The tablecloth, the center piece and plates and other glassware should be in harmony with your theme, but simple DIY napkin rings can transfer your table organization to a higher level with the least effort. If you need some inspiration for your party decorations, check the following 10 creative house warming ideas.

1. Decorating with Candles

Decorating with Candles Scattering candles about your space will create an intimate and warm ambiance even if you do not display any other decoration. Note that if you will not be using artificial lighting, you will have to put more candles in food display zones.

2. Minimum Decoration in Nature

Minimum Decoration Beauty sometimes lies in minimum decoration when you are holding your party on the terrace or in the garden. Nature is the best theme possible.

3. Family-friendly Decoration

Family-friendly Decoration Setting a family-friendly mood at home is neither expensive nor difficult. The terrace above is in itself a naturally decorated space that infuses a happy ambiance. The festive colorful table cover and the streamers add sufficient party-look to the dining area.

4. Dangling Lights

Dangling Lights Suspended warm-colored light bulbs with spherical shades provide soft lighting for your party.

5. Colorful Paper Crafts

Colorful Paper Crafts Vibrant bright colors always hint at celebration. You can create your own paper crafts from free printables found online.

6. Color Themes

runners, utensils and glassware When preparing for your party, check your tablecloth, runners, utensils and glassware, and select your color theme according to the most abundant.

7. DIY Statement Art Piece

DIY projects DIY projects are the only way you can decorate individually. This large lighting DIY project makes a design statement by creating a new vibrant focal point.

8. Monochromatic Palette

Monochromatic Palette Monochromatic schemes are very elegant especially when you go for white. You can break the monotony by lighting some candles or displaying a floral arrangement.

9. Food Labels

food labelling Food is sometimes the most appealing decoration there is! Attract attention to your buffet table by putting DIY cardboard labels to briefly explain your menu.

10. BBQ Parties

Outdoor BBQ celebrations Outdoor BBQ celebrations usually gather guests or family members around food. Bonfire gives a warm ambiance to parties in cold nights.   No matter what you are celebrating, you can be the host of a memorable party at home by adding your personal touch to the decoration.

Interior Architect. "Beauty is a promise of happiness" - Alain De Botton. Plants, animals and inanimate objects affect the life of a human being in all aspects, which is the reason why architecture and design are the extension of human nature ”just as the beehive is an extension of the bee’s nature, and the bird’s nest is an extension of the bird’s nature.” (Marcantonio, International Arts Forum 2013) Surround yourself with what makes you happy, that is the ultimate beauty.


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