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In a generation where technology is already an integral part of our daily life, the easier we can access information, communication and updates of what’s in and out. We can never deny the convenience we experience from technology. In a home where we spend most of our comfort times, planning for a perfect space would be very time consuming and brain draining. If social relationships and innovations are already made easy because of technology, why wouldn’t you try to plan your perfect space virtually? Below are free room planner software ideas that can help you in designing your homes.

1.   Ikea Home Planner

Ikea is a gallery of furniture where we can easily choose from

Ikea is an easy to use software for planning tool that allows us to plan, decorate and configure. It also has a gallery of furniture where we can easily choose from. It also can calculate the possible cost for you to prepare the amount you’ll bring to the nearest local Ikea store.

2.   Ikea Kitchen Planner

Ikea kitchen planner design

Ikea kitchen planner is designed to layout specifically our kitchen. With this, we can easily choose, change or redesign our kitchen appliances, shelf with no sweat. This can also help us to itemize out shopping list and know its cost.

3.   My Deco 3D Planner

My decor 3D planner software

My Deco 3D Planner allows usinsert walls, windows, doors, and upload our own floor plan. It also has a gallery where we can choose interior finishes. It is friendly-user software that enables us to see our plan in 3 dimensional image.

4.   Design My Room

Cool free room planner software

They say, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Design a Room helps us not just to prepare for single furniture but to assess the room as a whole. It lets us play around with anything we want until we can finally decide what we need for the perfect space we dream to have. Not only the furniture and inventory finishes but also this software can help us select coordinating paint manufacturer wall color.

5.   Autodesk Homestyler

Home styler software design

Home styler is user friendly software that would help lessen the exhausting feeling we would feel after a stressful planning. This software allows us to personalize our dream space with the furniture, shelf, appliance and any décor you would love to have with the help the Furnish and Decorate tool.

6.   Sweet Home 3D

Sweet home 3D planner

The Sweet Home 3D allows us to customize our choices in planning for our dream home. There are 4 interface sections. First, it allows us to select components to the floor plan directly. Second, it shows us the placement of the walls, doors and furniture in 2D format. Third, we users can visualize the plan of our design in 3D format. And Lastly, the software displays list of the size and dimension of the components.

7.   Drywall Estimator

Drywall estimator planner software

The Drywall Estimator allows us to purchase drywall with after sketching sheets and planning diagrams to know its measurements it needs. We can also layout the shape of the ceiling and helps us in estimating the amount of our project before implementing.

8.   Smart Draw Floor Plan

Smart draw floor Plan software

Smart draw allows us to present drawings, design and customize in different levels. Because it has a free trial period, this is best for people who doesn’t spend too much for design software. It is best for presentations and visual graphics.

9.   Garden Planner

Garden planner software

Garden planner is an on-line design tool for landscaping. This software can also design its layout.

10.   Floor Planner

Floor planner software

Floor planner is a free room planner software that enables us to have an effective floor plans. This is a friendly-user program, that doesn’t need to have a prior knowledge about design.



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