white and grey living room
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Contemporary home Interior design ideas

It is often said that simplicity is beauty, and a home with contemporary interior is a thing of beauty. What does it mean when you say contemporary home designs? Contemporary home interior designs are those that are spacious and organized. This kind of home designs also value simplicity, with just few pieces of furnishings and furniture that can store away clutter. It is a personification of the saying less is more. It is usually characterized by fewer decorations and furniture pieces, but more space. Contemporary home designs are just right for those that live in a small house and value space. Here are some Contemporary Home Interior Designs ideas you might like.

Below are lovely various room interior design ideas that you must focus on when decorating home interiors. We have put together pictures of nice looking and well decorated popular rooms in the house like the kitchen designs, living room designs , bedroom designs, bathroom designs and other interior design ideas elements you must look out for when decorating your home interiors.
1. Living Area

White And Grey Living Room

white and grey living room
The living area the part of our homes where we usually entertain guests, that being the area where we spend most of our time when we are at home. It is usually cluttered with pictures, books, magazines. But for a contemporary designed house, the living rooms usually are very neat and organized.

Purple sofa in white living room

l-shaped sofa

It is common for contemporary living rooms to contain pieces of furniture that can cater to books and other trinkets. Like the book shelf in the photo above. It makes the clutter look structured. You can put lots of stuff in the shelves and gives a more textured look to your living area. Also, notice in the first image, the living area only have few pieces of furniture and is dominated by the large couch, instead of having chairs which can take lots of space and limit movement.


In contemporary living rooms it is very usual to see television sets and speakers hanged on the walls, and save more floor space. You can put carpets on the floors so people can sit down when watching television.

2. Kitchen/Dining Area

modern black and white kitchen design
For the contemporary designed homes, the kitchen can look very modern and sleek. All pans and utensils are stored in respective storage areas or cabinets, which make it very easy to locate the things you need. Storage areas can make the kitchen look very clean and ordered.

brown and purple kitchen design

The cabinets give more space, so you can fit in your dining area to you kitchen. It is brings more efficiency to your kitchen/dining area.

3. Bathrooms

modern bedroom

Image source: indoorphoto

contemporary bedroom.

Image source: indoorphoto

Bathrooms are usually small and cramped up, but in using contemporary design your bathroom can give off a more spacious feel to it. Having glass walls for the shower can give a more unbroken look to the bathroom. Incorporate storage spaces under the sink to hide away clutter. Find bathroom pieces that can save room.

4. Bedrooms

A contemporary bedroom looks very organized because of the storage spaces which are usually incorporated into the walls. Like in the photo below, the floor to ceiling closet is built-in to the walls.

Gray And Pink Bedroom

grey pink beddings

Image source : indoorphoto

Modern Bedroom

modern bedroom design

That being the case, there is a big space for a big bed. As can be seen in the image below, the bed is very large, which is a great luxury. Built-in closets and shelves can give a more organized effect to the bedroom. It is also great if you can have a bed with storage cabinets made, like when you use the space under the bed for storing stuff. Why not have shelves built in to the bed to have a more well thought-out effect.

Image source: indoorsphoto

red and dark blue

For a contemporary home design, it is important to think of using storage areas to avoid clutter and give your home a much more textured and clean look. Also try not to put too much stuff in, because remember the contemporary design value simplicity and functionality. Choose furniture pieces that are appealing and can also serve lots of functions. Living in a contemporary home makes you think more of what is important and buy purposeful and great looking furniture pieces and home ornaments.

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