Interior Design

Chic and Stylish Interior Designs for the Home

Interiors of the house may say a lot for the personality of the owners. Planning an interior need not be expensive; it just needs flair and creativeness. With that in mind, here are some chic and stylish Interior Designs we’ve come up with to help you and thereby surprise your family and friends.

1.   Modern Interior Design

White interior

White is a great color to use in interiors since anything could be matched with it. As shown, everything seems to be in white but touches of color provided by the books on the shelves and the pillows on the sofa made it fantastic. The big plant at the corner is a nice touch.

2.   Nice House Interior Design

House interior with a beautiful and artistically made rug

This is the case where you could say that the rug says it all. This beautiful and artistically made rug with its whorl wind design is amazing. It completed the room and a great conversation piece.

3.   Dining And Kitchen Area

Dining and kitchen area blend seamlessly

This is a wonderful idea of maximizing space especially for homes with small spaces. Dining and kitchen area blend seamlessly and everything seems to be within reach. The blue kitchen cabinet is a nice touch and the window gives natural lighting to the room.

4.   Home Interior Design

Dining and kitchen area with a sky window

The focal point for this dining and kitchen area is the sky window. It gives natural lighting to both areas. The kitchen counter also serves as table for informal meals and cabinet built below it makes great use of space for storage.


5.   Virtual Interior Design

Grey bedroom

This is a totally new idea. As shown, three large plywood boards were placed on top of each other; a mattress and pillows and it’s a bed. Remove the mattress and pillows and it is a platform meant for any activity. The overhead light in sheer glass is another statement.

6.   Living Room With Huge Glass Windows

The living room itself gives a quirky image

These huge glass windows provide natural lighting to this living room. The living room itself gives a quirky image. Bean chairs are great not only for sitting but even for lying down as they adjust to whatever position you want it to. The purple furry rug is an amazing touch.


7.   House With Period Pieces

Contemporary interior design

Houses with period pieces are simply the best. The high waxed floors and period furniture evoke memories of time long past. Modern touches like the glass windows and TV blend seamlessly and make this room fabulous.

8.   Family Home Design

Big wooden beams placed on top of the ceiling draws the eye upward

The big wooden beams placed on top of the ceiling draws the eye upwards giving height to this room. Mismatched sofa and armchair make for a homey image. Small prints dotting the white walls are a definite statement.

9.   Bedroom With Wood Slates

Bedroom interior design

The minute you see the picture, you are charmed by the use of wood slats that looked aged as walls. The incongruity of a modern bed with its pink and blue bed sheet and pillow make it more charming. The use of hanging plants over one side of the window is fantastic.

10.     House Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom with a white tub

The large mirror over the wash area made this bathroom look bigger. White tiles and furnishings brightened up the image considerably.

Sunshine graduated with a Degree of BSIED Drafting Technology. She once dreamed of running her own online business firm and first began writing and designing websites from a young age. She developed a passion for Houses, building and Interior designing and began taking on clients while still in college. ​ Sunshine oversees the creative direction at Sunshine Outsourcing as well as business development. Sunshine's charm and willingness to talk to anyone and everyone has been key to building our large local client base. Sunshine is very generous and a true leader to her firm and people

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